Use Unlimited Troid VPN and Droid VPN data for FREE with ROOT access [WORKING October 2016]

Hi Guys, We back with another Troid VPN trick. we hope that all of you enjoying our free tricks. We know that Troid VPN usage is restricted to 150 Mb per user for free subscription. And it cost 3.$ for premium or unlimited usage. But today, give you a solution for this. you don't need to buy it for dollars. You can use troid vpn for unlimited with free subscription by this troid vpn unlimited bandwidth trick. But you need to root your device before doing this troid vpn unlimited trick.
This trick is based on Android IP changer and it no need of many steps. So don't waste more time, lets read How to use troid Vpn unlimited for free by Root access .
Use Unlimited Troid VPN data for FREE with ROOT access -

STEPS - How To Use Troid VPN data Unlimited for Free by Root Access [October 2016]
1. First download Troid VPN from playstore and install it click here to download Troid VPN from PlayStore
2. Use it's free threshold data [150 MB] and after it disconnect automatically.
3. Now go to SD Card > Android > and delete "TROID_TEMP_DIR" temporary folder from your android device
------ For doing below steps you need your device rooted [ root access needed ] -------------
4. Download and install Android ID changer click here to download Android ID changer [ Root access required for this step ]
5. then Change your Android device's ID and close it
5. Again open troid VPN and erase your previous [ given ] user id and password.
6. Now clear all data of troid vpn [ from device ]
7. Now restart your phone and use Troid vpn again for free 
8. use troid vpn  unlimied for free.......................

I hope that you got the trick. If you have any doubts regarding this troid vpn unlimited data use trick, then comment it below.
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Trick no.2 How to get unlimited Troid VPN or Droid VPN  Data Free[October 2016]
1. First download and install Xposed Installer and Donkey Guard
2. Now open Xposed installer and click on module
3. Then tick on Donkey Guard
4. Now open DOnkey guard and search for Droid vpn or Troid VPN and change android id / device id
5. Now open your phone settings and clear troid vpn or droid vpn app data
6. Now open Troid VPN or Droid VPN and log in with another account [details]
Do this steps after every 100 MB and enjoy unlimited troid vpn or droid vpn data

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  1. To ROOT your android device go to this link.

    Techatfinder in association with which engaged to share phone reviews, android hacks ROOT etc

  2. for this trick we need to use new gmail account each time ryt?

  3. okie this is fine...but where is the trick.....i mean proxies..

  4. Can I try this trick in 0 balance n no internet pack?

    1. this is not a free internet trick.
      this is to break the troid vpn limit.
      that is to use more than 100mb/day with troid vpn.
      troid vpn has a limit of 100mb per day for free users, you need to buy premium membership for unlimited troid vpn access. But here with this trick u will get unlimited access on troid vpn.

  5. What is the new id when changing

  6. He'llo sir how to root samsung galaxy star 2 phone that's Android 4.4.2 KitKat os.

  7. Quick Q: do I have to redo the process every time I spend my 100MB limit?

  8. Troid VPN is not available on this country

  9. Play store shows not available in ur country

  10. Only one time I received 100 mb by droid vpn to get 100 daily wandwith ...if I uses 100 mb then bandwith limit reached ..but next day must get 100 mb but not received 100 mb daily can recive 100 mb droid vpn

    1. not receiving data for a next day,It working only for 50seconds
      Can i have some solutions plz.............