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BSNL New Internet Offers: Rs 36 Per GB [Cheapest Data Charges Ever]

Hi Indians Here is a great news for all of you. BSNL announced a great news yesterday, that is, they reduced their mobile internet data charges by 25%. Means, you will get 4X more data in Rs 291 data pack and 2X more data in Rs 78 data pack. Continue reading this article for knowing more about BSNL new reduced internet data plans which are cheapest internet data rates that are available right now in India. Yeah from the last 6 months you guys can see the Telecomm war in India. All networks are forced to reduce their data charges. All because JIO. currently, Jio offering unlimited 4G data up to 31st March 2017 for free of cost. and there is news spreading that Jio will continue their this unlimited 4g data even after March 2017 for a cheap prices [around Rs 100]. Ofcourse, this will surely effect all other Indian network operators. They need to play wisely to overcome current issues. Now BSNL is into the game, they announced a great offer which is good enough to beat Jio. BSNL offering

Jio Happy New Year Offer: Unlimited 4G for 3 Hours [Hidden Offer]

Hi friend, today we are going to discuss a hidden thing in Jio Happy New Year offer. Jio offering unlimited 4G data for 3 Hours every day over the 1 GB daily quota . Yeah, it is true and completely official. This is not a trick, this is providing Jio officially. The thing is that no one is aware of it or not heard about this. That's why we call this as Jio happy New Year hidden offer / hidden terms and conditions. I hope you guys already heard about Jio reached more than 50 Million users in India. Yeah/ it is not easy to get this much 4G users within the short term. But this is hell true. And from January 31st, 2017 Jio started happy new year offer. All jio users are converted to Happy New year offer. This Happy New Year offer is valid up to 31st March. In this article, we are checking about Jio Happy New year Offer hidden terms and conditions or we can call this as jio hidden offer. jio unlimited 4g data for 3 hours. Jio Happy New Year Offer: Things you may already know :) Jio

Airtel Offering Free 4G Internet Data Till December 2017 For Customers Upgrading to 4G

Hi folks, here is a news from airtel that they are launching a new free internet offer for customers who are upgrading to 4g network. We are seeing that the Indians network war in recent months. Now here comes the move from Airtel, they today launched a 4g internet offer up to December 2017 for users who upgrades to 4g network. This offer can be availed between January 4th to February 28th. Who eligible for this airtel special free internet offer All non-airtel users who have a 4g device or upgrading to a 4g device can avail this offer. or Airtel users who currently on 2g/3g network and looking to upgrade to the 4g network. What is the offer actually? For Prepaid users : Airtel offering Free 3GB data per month in addition to the regular Rs 345 pack offers. the pack normally gives Free voice calls and 1GB data per month. So now with this offer the user get a total of 4 GB per month and free voice calls.Users Need to activate the offer first time using MyAirtel App. Subsequent offers wi

Jio Offers 1 Year Unlimited 4G For LYF Smartphones {JPO extends to 1 year}

How to get 1 year unlimited 4g data offer in LYF smartphones with JIO preview offer - LYF smartphone users can now enjoy 1 year unlimited 4g with JIO Hi friends, a very happy news to all Lyf smartphone buyers, Reliance Jio extends their free unlimited 4g data offer to 1 year {only for LYF smartphone users}. Recently Jio announced that, Jio sim with unlimited preview offer will be available for all 4G smartphones . And so now all 4g smartphones users are able to get jio with unlimited preview offer of 3 months validity.  But in this article, i am not going to discuss this. We got a new update from reliance jio, is that the Lyf smartphone will get unlimited 4g data for 1 year. The reliance jio had launched their sim in India with preview offer in Lyf smartphones. At the time of jio launch the preview offer is only available for Lyf smartphones. the offer was like this- Unlimited Preview offer for 3 months validity for all Lyf smartphone users. That is all lyf smartphone buyers will get 3