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[Jio Users Must Read]Jio Going to Stop Summer Surprise Offer

UPDATE: DON'T WORRY, JIO USERS STILL HAVE TIME TO AVAIL SUMMER SURPRISE OFFER. BUT DO IT FAST. NO MORE TIME TO WAIT Yesterday Jio released the press release that they are forced to close the Jio summer surprise offer due to the TRAI advice and those who already subscribed will get the offer. While seeing the news everyone thought summer surprise closed and now no one can avail the summer surprise offer. But still, there is enough time to get the summer surprise offer. This is a great news for all jio users those who still not subscribed to jio summer surprise offer. So if you are not subscribed to jio prime or jio summer surprise offers then do recharge now. don't wait for another moment. we can't say when it will end. so do it asap. NOTE: MOST PROBABLY IT WILL CLOSE ON APRIL 8TH. IE, YOU HAVE ONLY 48 HOURS LEFT TO SUBSCRIBE FOR JIO SUMMER SURPRISE OFFER.  THIS IS NOT CONFIRMED. UPDATE: JIO SUMMER SURPRISE OFFER SUBSCRIPTION CLOSED. SINCE JIO GOT ADVICE FROM TRAI THEY ARE F

Jio 4G Data Plans Complete Info: Comparing Jio Prime and Jio Non-Prime 4G offers

Jio 4G Data Plans Complete Info: Comparing Jio Prime 4G offers and Jio Non-Prime 4G offers I hope you guys already get know about jio prime membership. If no, then read it first "Jio Prime membership: how to subscribe" As reliance said, Jio Prime users have special data packs. I suggest all of you become jio prime members. with jio prime membership you will get very surprising 4g data packs at very cheap price. below we are comparing both jio prime 4g offers and non-prime 4g offers. Since the jio prime membership costs only Rs 99 for 1 year, it is worth to try. Jio 4G plans: Jio Prime Vs Jio Non-Prime 4G data plans for Jio Prime members Price Data in GB Validity 19 0.2 1 49 0.6 3 149 2 28 303 28 28 499 56 28 999 60 60 1998 125 90 4999 350 180 9999 750 360 Jio Prime Postpaid 303 30 30 499 60 2GB / Day 30 999 60 No Fup 30 This is the cheapest 4g data plans available right now in India.  4G data plans for Jio Non-Prime members Price Data in GB Validity 19 0.1 1 49 0.3 3 149 1 30