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FilesGo App: Get Google Pay Scratch Cards for Just Sharing Files

FilesGo App Trick: Get Google Pay [Tez] Scratch Card for Just Sharing Files Files App trick : Hi dear users, Here we are sharing an awesome app that gives you free google play scratch cards for just using the app. FilesGo is the app that gives you google pay scratch card rewards for free. FilesGo is Google's new file management and sharing app. So start using FileGo app trick and start earning free google pay scratch cards FilesGo App Features FileGo can be used as: File manager: Like ES file explorer and other file managers, FileGo can be used as a file explorer. It has really a good design and has good speed. Cleaner: FilesGo can be used as cleaner also. It will help you to clear unwanted files and junk files from your device. thus you can save your phone storage. Sharing: It can be used to share files with your friends also. Don't Miss this News: Google Pay rewards increased - read more Earn money via FilesGo app, FilesGo app trick, FilesGo google pay scratch card t

How to Convert DVD to AVI, MP4, MKV, MPG, VOB and ASF Formats

Nowadays, with the development of technology, more and more people choose to watch videos or movies on their PCs or mobile devices. However, there are still a large number of people watching movies or videos using a large collection of DVDs at home. Thus, there is the question: Is there any way to play these DVDs on tablets, smartphones or PCs so that people can enjoy their favorite DVD videos anywhere and anytime? The answer is yes. Currently, a wide variety of DVD Converters have been put into the market, which can meet people’s needs to watch DVD movies or videos on their smartphones because these DVD converters can convert DVDs to many digital formats so that they can be played on smartphones. In order to simplify your life, I will introduce one of useful DVD Converters WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro to you and tell you a simple and fast way to convert DVD to digital formats (such as AVI, MP4, MKV, MPG, VOB and ASF). You may also like: how to download hotstar videos in Android How to Co

Vodafone Launched New 4G Prepaid Plans: Rs 511 and 569 Plans

Vodafone Launched New 4G Prepaid Plans: Vodafone 569 Plan Details and 569 Plan details Vodafone 569 plan details and Rs 511 Plan details: Vodafone launched new 4g prepaid plans today. This time they came with some big data offers with more validity. They launched Rs 511 and Rs 569 plan. Both plans have a validity of 84 days. If you are looking for Vodafone 569 plan details then stick on to this paragraph. The rs 569 plan offers 3gb per day data for 84 days. This plan is a perfect competitor for Airtel's Rs 558 prepaid 4g plan which also giving 3gb per day data for 84 days. Both Airtel and Vodafone providing unlimited voice calls and SMS with the offer. What differs in Airtel's and Vodafone 3gb per day offer is Vodafone has daily voice call limit of 250 minutes per day. That is all about the Vodafone 569 plan details. you can check more details of Vodafone Rs 569 and Rs 511 plan at their official website . Now let's look onto the other Vodafone prepaid 4g plan launched on

Jio GigaTV: How to Buy Jio Giga TV Set Top Box, Price, Features, and How to Install

Jio Giga TV: How to Buy Jio Giga TV Set Top Box, Price, Features, and How to Install Jio GigaTV  Everything You need to know - Jio Giga TV How To Purchase, Features, Available Date, How To Install, Price Hi Readers, You are at: How to buy Jio Giga TV, Features of Jio Giga TV, How to Install Jio Giga TV, Price of Jio GigaTV Hope everyone enjoying latest tricks and tech articles. Today at Reliance AGM, Jio Officials launched their new products. Following are the latest products from Reliance Jio: JIO Giga TV Set-top box, Jio Fiber, Jio Phone 2, Jio Giga Router, and Jio Virtual Reality Headset. Yeah, lots of products. Here is a great word from Jio Official Isha Ambani: 'Gone are the days of Mbps, Now it will be about Gbps'. I love the words, that's why noted here. Anyway, that is not our topic. We have to all about Jio Giga Tv in this article and let's start that. Jio Giga TV - Features and Specs of Jio GigaTV Set Top Box The Jio GigaTV set-top box include

5 Tips To Get Your Laptop Repaired Effectively

People depend on their laptop for almost everything and there is not a single day that goes by when you haven't opened your laptop for work or for some personal use. When you use your laptop regularly there are high chances that something could go wrong and you may want to get your laptop repaired. While some brands are sturdier than the others, you should always make sure that you keep your laptop in good condition so that you are able to use it effectively. If you want to limit the chances of your laptop getting spoilt and you use your laptop quite roughly, you might want to check out some of the best gaming laptops under $300 that you can invest in. You can read source to get a list of the best gaming laptops in your budget. Gaming laptops are stronger as compared to regular laptops which is why they are less likely to get spoilt. However, it doesn't guarantee that your laptop will not get spoilt. If you want to make sure that your laptop is in good hands then here are 5 ti