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Working Aircel Unlimited Free Internet Using Proxy Trick 2019

AIRCEL FREE 3G INTERNET USING PROXY TRICK January 2019| UNLIMITED FREE INTERNET BROWSING AND DOWNLOADING USING AIRCEL PROXY TRICK Hi friends, After a small interval I am back with new free 3g internet tricks. today I am sharing an Aircel free 3g internet trick via the proxy configuration. I think you used airtel free 3g internet proxy trick which is a popular trick on our blog. Same as that trick now aircel free 3g internet proxy trick is also available. This is an unlimited free 3g internet trick. Aircel users can browse and download unlimited via this aircel proxy internet trick 2019. Also you can use this trick for free internet in both PC and mobile. Here i am sharing steps of proxy configuration for both PC and Mobile. Follow below steps carefully and enjoy unlimited free internet on your aircel sim with aircel free internet proxy trick. IMPORTANT NOTE TO VISITORS WHO ARE LOOKING FOR AIRCEL FREE INTERNET TRICKS:  FRIENDS, IF THIS TRICK NOT WORKING THEN DON'T WORRY THERE ARE L

Working Airtel Free Internet DNS Trick: Get Free 2g/3g Internet on Airtel

Airtel Fre Internet DNS Trick Working in January 2019 [High Speed] Hi friends, today I am going to publish Airtel Free Internet DNS Trick. I know you are already checked our aircel free 3g internet DNS trick. It is working in many states. Today here I am going to publish airtel free 3g internet trick via DNS protocol. The steps are almost same aircel DNS 3g trick. Anyway here I am written all steps you need to follow to use airtel free 3g internet trick via DNS protocol. This airtel free 3g internet DNS trick is working in west Bengal, Assam and many other states. Just try this trick in your state and enjoy free 3g Internet on your mobile or PC. So guys read the full steps for both PC and android mobile. AIRCEL USERS HERE ARE SOME WORKING FREE INTERNET TRICKS WITH AWESOME SPEED: [LATEST] AIRCEL FREE INTERNET TRICK FOR SMARTPHONE USERS WITH HIGH SPEED [MUST CHECH THIS] READ - AIRTEL FREE INTERNET DNS TRICK FOR PC USERS January  2019 READ - AIRTEL FREE 3G INTERNET USING DNS PROTOCOL FOR

Working Trick for Airtel Unlimited 3G Data at Night 2019

TRICK NO.1 - Airtel Unlimited 3G at Night Trick January 2019 just follow the below steps and enjoy unlimited 3g data at night. Steps - how to use unlimited 3g data at night 1. First recharge with any small 3g pack in your airtel sim note - also maintain your main balance around Rs 10  2. Now after 11.30 PM [ night ] , enable 3g data connectivity on your airtel sim. that is set internet connectivity as manual and set as WCDMA or 3G. And start using 3g data.. Note- use little data... but don't turn off your data connection. and make sure that it is connected to 3g network 3. Then dial *129# and activate AIRTEL NIGHT 2G UNLIMITED PACK. Note - do this step also before 12 AM  4. Now after 12 Am you can enjoy unlimited 3g data. that is you can browse and download unlimited data in your airtel sim in 3g speed [ night time ] Note - Don't turn off your data connection. If you turn off your data connection then you will get only 2g. so keep your data connection ON. I hope you got the tri

Latest Working Aircel Free 3g Internet With Dns Protocol - 2019

Hi guys, After a long days I found an Aircel free 3g internet trick. Today I am sharing Aircel free 3g internet via DNS. This trick works both in PC and mobile. I am hr provide the full steps wise tutorial for using the above trick. This trick work in both Aircel 2g and 3g sim. I confirmed this trick working in many states via friends. This Aircel DNS free 3g internet tricks don't require any net packs or minimum balance. This Aircel free 3g internet trick also supports torrent download and no any disconnection issue. So guys read the below steps of Aircel free 3g internet DNS trick for PC and android device carefully and start enjoying free 3g internet on your aircel sim. IMPORTANT NOTE TO VISITORS WHO ARE LOOKING FOR AIRCEL FREE INTERNET TRICKS:  FRIENDS, IF THIS TRICK NOT WORKING THEN DON'T WORRY THERE ARE LOT MORE TRICKS THAT ARE WORKING BETTER THAN THIS: CHECK THESE ALSO -  [1]WORKING AIRCEL FREE INTERNET TRICK USING IP TOOLS  [MUST CHECK THIS].   [2]AIRCEL FREE INTERNET V

Working TATA DOCOMO Free Unlimited 3G Data Trick With UDP Ports [ ]

Hello friends, We are happy to say you that we found an another free 3g data trick for TataDocomo users. Now Tata Docomo UDP port 53 is working in many states. By following below simple steps you can enjoy unlimited free 3g internet on your android or Pc with Tata Docomo sim. Enjoy Tata Docomo free 3g data in your pc or android device with high speed by using this tata Docomo loot trick. This TataDocomo Free 3g internet data trick is working 100% in  . Thank you  Mr. Akshay Gengaje for helping me in making this trick. Enjoy free unlimited 2g or 3g data on your tata Docomo with our latest tata Docomo 3g trick Read - TataDocomo free unlimited 3g data trick using UDP ports   REQUIREMENTS TO WORK THIS TATA DOCOMO FREE 3G DATA UDP TRICK 1. You need a small data pack to work this trick.  I suggest you to do any BBM plan to work this tata docomo free 3g udp trick.  Also, do a try without any data plans. try....... update - bbm pack required...  Activate a BBM Pack  SMS SUB BB 15 to 121  to

Working Aircel Free Internet Trick For Android Users

Aircel Free Internet Trick For android users Using FINCH VPN APP | Working Free Internet Trick For Android Users Friends today we are sharing a new trick for getting free internet on your aircel network. many of techintor visitors asked us to update aircel free internet tricks. here is the gift for all those who using aircel sim. Now you can enjoy free internet on your aircel sim with this FINCH VPN trick. This trick only works on android devices. Okay friends lets go the trick now. AIRCEL USERS HERE ARE SOME WORKING FREE INTERNET TRICKS WITH AWESOME SPEED: [LATEST] AIRCEL FREE INTERNET TRICK FOR SMARTPHONE USERS WITH HIGH SPEED [MUST CHECH THIS] You are now at - Aircel Finch VPN free internet trick for android users   Also Read - Airtel Free Internet using hammer vpn    What you should need for aircel Free internet on your android device? Requirements: Aircel FINCH VPN free Internet Trick ** Activate 3G on your aircel sim. You can activate 3g by sending a message 'START3G' to

Airtel Unlimited Direct 3G Trick & Solutions for Speed Capping[Working]

Airtel Unlimited 3G Free Internet Trick with airtel direct 3g trick method -Added working solutions for airtel direct 3g data Speed capping issue Here is the full tutorial of airtel direct 3g trick for unlimited free internet   . we have also added the working solutions for airtel direct 3g trick speed capping issues . added trick to avoid daily recharge of small 3g pack. Hi friends, today sharing airtel direct free 3g internet trick. There is no any VPN, Proxy or other settings needed to work this trick. That's why this is called direct free internet trick. You can use unlimited 3g internet same as when you recharge normal 3g packs. But this trick needs some money. Means we need to do some small recharge packs to work this trick. All details are clearly described here. You can also check airtel hammer VPN [working] free internet trick here. This direct trick is very similar to airtel night unlimited 3g internet trick [ check it out now] . Features of airtel direct 3

Working Vodafone Free Unlimited 3G Internet Data VPN Trick -

Working Vodafone Free Unlimited 3G Internet Data Trick Using VPN [ working configs added] -     Hello friends, i am back with a new Vodafone free 3g internet trick. I hope that our previous bb trick for Vodafone free 3g internet is also working well now. Here now I am describing an another Vodafone Free Unlimited 3G Internet Trick  in November   and hope that work on 2019 also. This trick is based on vpn. I know that without internet data your mobile/pc is nothing. Now the internet has a very important role in our daily life. but in India the internet data packs are very costly and it is not possible to recharge daily with internet offers. When comes to vodafone side, we know that they are one of the largest network operator in India. But vodafone not provides much affordable internet data plans for budget users. But guys here provides you some tricks to get free internet on your vodafone sim. Yeah, Means you don't need to activate any data packs, you can enjoy free i

Working Idea free 3g internet UDP /ICMP trick 2019 [Updated New UDP Ports]

Trick no.1 :  Idea free 3g internet data trick January 2019 Hello friends, now i am going to teach you new idea free 3g internet trick ,this free 3g internet trick is dedicated to all idea customers. In this post I am teaching latest idea 3g internet tricks( ). Now I am teaching you 1 method to use free idea 3g internet. The main features of this trick are this work both on PC and Mobile and torrent supported with high speed. IMPORTANT NOTE: IF YOU ARE AN ANDROID USER THEN PLEASE ALSO CHECK OUR LATEST TRICK: HOW TO GET FREE INTERNET ON IDEA ANDROID Requirements for using free idea 3g internet ·        Idea 3g enabled sim ·      Data pack ( use a small data pack for avoiding speed capping) ·      PD proxy for PC users ·      Any VPN software for Android users Now we can begin, Read Idea free 2g or 3g data trick   Follow the below steps to use free 3g internet on your idea sim 1.     Connect idea internet on your phone or PC( with an dongle or netsetter)(Maintain zero bala

Airtel Free 3G Internet Trick With Finch VPN and UDP Port

Hi guyz, After a long interval we back with free internet tricks. Today we are posting airtel free 3g internet trick with UDP port and Finch VPN. this trick works well and easy to use. you need only to do some works in your pc. As a I said above the airtel UDP trick is working with the help of Finch VPN. or you need to download Finch VPN to your PC. I am not much describing, Follow the steps given below and enjoy free high-speed 3g internet on your airtel sim with Finch VPN UDP trick. Read - Airtel Unlimited 3g internet trick with Finch VPN and UDP port  STEPS - AIRTEL FREE 3G INTERNET TRICK WITH FINCH VPN AND UDP PORT : January 2019 1. First confirm that your airtel mobile balance is zero. [ if it is not zero, then try the trick only when your airtel sim balance is zero] 2. Now click on this link [ use default browser] and activate facebook or twitter trial pack 3. Then, Open your PC and download Finch VPN 4. Now connect your airtel sim to PC [ as modem, you can use any net setter or

Working Unlimited Airtel Free 3G Internet UDP Trick - 2019

Working Unlimited Airtel Free 3G Internet UDP Trick - January 2019 Hai friends, Another free 3g internet trick for Airtel users. This trick is based on udp port. You can use   free 3g internet on both pc and android mobile using this  Airtel  udp trick . This trick is working in 0 balance and don't need any data packs. I am not describing much. Follow the below simple steps and enjoy unlimited browsing and downloading on your airtel sim. let's go to the Airtel  free 3g internet udp trick -  2019 READ ALSO - AIRTEL FREE 3G INTERNET VPN TRICK FOR ANDROID AND PC 2019  AIRTEL 3G INTERNET TRICK WITH TROID VPN AND TCP PROTOCOL[ High speed ] 2019 1) First download Troid VPN from here - click here If u have troid vpn already installed, then uninstall it first and again install with above link 2) Select any Free server 3) Enter Rport- 443 and Lport- 0 4) Select connecting protocol as 'TCP' 5) Goto Advance settings>>  Give Tick mark on the column - ' use proxy for tcp

Working Telenor[Uninor] Free 3G Data Direct Proxy Trick - 2018

Hello friends, I am back with a new free 3g internet trick for Telenor[Uninor] users. I think this is my first Telenor[Uninor] internet trick in 2018. In forums and social media websites , i noticed that many people searching for Telenor[Uninor] internet tricks. If you are searching for : " Telenor[Uninor] unlimited free 3g internet data trick  2018" or                                                                          " Telenor[Uninor] Free 3g proxy tricks  2018" Then this is the right place. Here now i am teaching you how to browse and download unlimited in your Telenor[Uninor] sim. By using this Telenor[Uninor]  free 3g internet proxy trick, you can enjoy unlimited 3g internet data on your Telenor[Uninor] sim. I am not much describing, lets  go to the trick. Follow the below steps and enjoy free Telenor[Uninor] unlimited 3g internet Steps - How to get free unlimited 3g internet on Telenor[Uninor] sim with direct proxy  trick [June 2018] 1. First you need

10 Best Android Emulators For PC Free [Windows 10/Windows 7/8.1/ Download Links]

Download Android Emulator For PC: Best Android Emulator For Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 /Windows 7 Best android emulator for pc: Hi tech folks, today we are going to list the best Android emulators for PC. Android emulators have tons of uses and lots of people searching for the same. On social networks and tech forums, i found that lots of users are searching for best android emulators for windows 10 pc. I think that many of you guys are struggling to find one best android emulator for windows PC. In this article, we are not describing what is an Android emulator or what is the use of Android emulator etc. I think people landed on this page already have an idea about Android emulators for pc. So guys, if you are searching for 'download android emulator for pc' or ' best android emulator for windows 10' then you are at the right place. while searching ' best android emulator for pc 2017' or 'download best android emulator for windows 10 pc' or 'list of b

How to Remove Password From PDF Without Using any Software

Hi guys, today we come with an awesome trick to remove password from PDF files without using any software . Hope all of you enjoying our tech tutorials and tricks. I am writing this article because last week I got some messages from my 2 online friends regarding pdf password unlockers. They are in a situation that they need to open a password protected pdf file which is very urgent but none of the PDF unlockers Softwares downloaded from the internet working. Finally, we together found a working method to access password protected pdf, and this method doesn't need any software like pdf password unlockers, pdf password decrypters etc. So friends, if you are looking for a method/trick to remove password from PDF without using any software then this is for you, do continue reading. PDF is one of the widely using formats for sharing and storing documents. While looking the History, the PDF is invented by Adobe. The very important and helpful feature of PDF is it is platform/OS indepen