How To Make Money By Just Clicking Ads -Tutorial

Hello Friends.....Today we are going to teach you about how to make money online by just clicking ads...

First Step:

Making money from just by clicking ads is an easy process.You can earn a maximum of 2000$/month like this.There are lot of  sites which give you money for clicking ads.But only some of them are legit.I will give you the list of trusted sites later in this post.
Now get into the matter.First  of all i will give you the tutorial for Clixsense which is a legit site.
Follow the below steps to make money online

1.Go to Which Will look like this.
How To Make Money By Just Clicking Ads -Tutorial

2.Register in the site and click on the confiramtion link and activate your account.
3.Sign Into your account and Click "View  Ads"
The Window Will look Like This

How To Make Money By Just Clicking Ads -Tutorial

4.Click one ad and wait for seconds and click the Cat.
How To Make Money By Just Clicking Ads -Tutorial

5.Just Wait and you will be credited.

Thus you have to click all ads in oneday which belongs to you.alick allads and you will be credited a total of 0.04/day.
this is not so much but you can make more money by just doing some trick.the tricks are given below.

Referrals are the best money earning amachines in ptc sites.they are people who reffered to clixsense by you.
so whenever a person clicks an ad and if he is a referral of you, you will get commission.

You will get referral commission whenever you referral
a) click ads, (40%)
b) complete tasks, ( 10%)
c) complete offers, ( 10%)
d) upgrades ($2 per each referral upgrade)
e) purcahase ads (10% up to $2) and more.

If you have a decent number of active referrals, suppose you have 100 active referrals, if all of them click ads daily, complete tasks, offers and you get just 10 cent commission from each referral, you will get $10 every day.
100 referrals x 10 cent = $10 every day
$10 x 30 days = $300 every month

You can see that from just 100 referrals, your earning will be more than $300 per month. But this is just an example. Someday, you will have less earnings and someday more than that.

Since, you can have unlimited number of referrals, your earning potentials is also unlimited.

This the way you can make money online by just clicking ads.Its easy to make money online by just clicking ads.Its only require hard work and some of your time...lets ready to make money online .

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