iPhone 1970 Bug:Jan 1, 1970 Will Brick Your iPhone Device [Safety Tips and Solutions]

What results after setting iPhone Date to 1 jan, 1970 ? - iPhone 1970 date bug Solutions 2016, How to solve iPhone 1970 bug - how to brick someone's iPhone Device easily

Hi guys, this is a safety tip article for iPhone users. Here i am sharing an important tip that save your phone from being brick. That is setting your iPhone device date to January-1-1970 will brick your iPhone device Permanently. It is not simple as it sounds. it is a very dangerous thing. By doing this task your iPhone will brick permanently. So guys, don't ever try this. This  article is to inform you about this serious iPhone 1970 bug. Read more about this iPhone bug below

iPhone 1970 bug: Effecting available iPhone Devices List / Which available iPhone devices will brick when set date to Jan 1, 1970
The following iPhone devices will brick when you set date to jan 1, 1970. The below list of iPhone devices are confirmed this 1970 bug.
iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 5, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s plus, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, and sixth generation iPod Touch

How to Brick Your iPhone Device Permanently : Educational Purpose - Don't ever TRY this
There is no more to do to brick your iPhone device. Just set your Device date to 1 january, 1970 and restart your phone. Your iPhone will not reboot. It is bricked now
If you connect your Iphone device to iTunes, it didn't work. So, we can't solve this problem with any method. Only you can do after bricking your iphone is to give the device to an Apple store. Please be sure that the Apple store is authorised one. because there are many fake apple stores working. 
As I said above, Please don't try this. iPhone 1970 bug is live on iOS 8 and above devices. So set your device date settings to automatic. it is safe. Don't try to set date to 1970 jan one.

Safety Tips For iPhone users - How being Protected from iPhone 1970 bug
** Set your iPhone device date settings to automatic
So your iPhone device will set device date according to your inserted network data
** Don't set date to 1 jan, 1970 on your iPhone device. Don't try this on your friends or any others device
** If your iPhone device bricked once, directly give the device to one authorised apple store. be sure that the apple store is authorised.
iPhone 1970 date bug Solutions 2016, Brick Your iPhone Device Permanently

By this article, we strongly recommend you to don't try this one. Many of users are taking this one simply and trying for fun. After seeing the result you wouldn't be happy :). 

We hope that you enjoyed reading this article. and hope that we helped you little. every single information is valuable. Please share this with your friends and help them too. sharing is caring. :)
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