How to Identify if a Website is Secured for Purchasing

Hi friends, Hope all of you are doing well. Today we like to share some safety tips for online shopping. Now the online shopping industry is very familiar with everyone also the usage of online shopping too increased very much last year. AS like the growth in usage the fraudulent in this industry also increased. The online shopping industry is facing lots of issues, and this includes mainly the security issues. Yeah, the safety of the user [online shopper] in all means should need to take seriously. The probable safety issues that an online shopper faces are:

1. Paid the amount successfully, but not for the actual online shopping site.
2. The Debit/Credit card details of the user, get stolen.
3. other issues in payment gateway

online purchase security measures
So before going to buy some items from online shopping websites, you should ensure that the website is trustworthy means it is secure for online shopping
In this article, we are sharing some tips to secure your online shopping transactions.

How to check a website is secured for online purchases

***HTTPS Protocol And Padlock symbol

Make sure that the site you are using for online purchase is running on HTTPS protocol.This protocol shows that the website have a secure connection

Now also check for a padlock symbol on your site. You can see the symbol just left to the https notation. You can check both the https, padlock symbol by just visiting the website. A site with these two means that your data entering on this site is encrypted before sending out from your device. So no any online frauds can decrypt and stole your details

*** Green/Red colored Address bar

By visiting some websites, you can notice that your website address bar get the green colour. This implies the website is trustworthy. For example, visiting some websites like eBay and casino sites etc. contains both the https and green coloured address bar. Similarly while visiting some websites, you can see that your browser address bar get red coloured. This means the site is not secured. It is better to ignore these websites.

*** Other Site measures

The following measures shows the site is more trustworthy

  •  Site with no unwanted popups

  •  Site has an original physical address/ Phone Number

  •  Site with a correct return policy

So guys, before making a payment on any online sites ensure that it follows above criteria. Hope this article helped you in understanding a website is secure or not for online purchases. Do share with your friends and let them know about this.


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