Jio 4G Speed Too Slow? Tricks to Increase Jio Speed Up to 40Mbps{JIO 4G SPEED INCREASED NOW}

Is your Reliance 4G data speed is too slow? Follow this Jio 4g speed capping problem solution and increase your reliance jio 4g speed up to 40Mbps

Hi folks, Today providing a solution for Reliance Jio 4g Speed issue. We are getting many messages in our WhatsApp broadcast and facebook fan page regarding this. Many of users complaining they are getting only 1-2 Mbps speed on their Jio sim. Yeah, everyone looking for tricks to increase Jio 4G Speed
Jio 4G Speed varies time to time. tryout our below tricks to increase jio 4g speed. 

Update [25/10/2106]: Now jio 4g speed varies time to time. Not getting constant good speed. but with below tricks you will get increased 4g speed surely. use jiodata and jionet apn alternativery. this trick works fine for me in kereala."""IF you are not getting good speed tryout below tricks."""

[18-10-2016]news Regarding Jio 4g Speed: Friends, From yesterday onwards[18th october 2016] , i am getting very high-speed in jio 4g. location: kerala.
From october starting, i was getting around 1Mbps speed only in jio [OOkla speed test: 300-400ms ping and 0.8-1.5 mbps speed]. but yesterday i got around 20mbps speed with my jio. Yeah, it's really increased. [the ping also decreased to 100ms around]. This is a great news for all jio users. {no any tricks were applied. the speed is gonna increased automatically]

UPDATE[19-10-2016]:Yeah it's confirmed, Now Jio rocks. getting very high-speed [ actual 4g speed] in kerala. Please share your experience with jio 4g speed in comment section [share your location and speed].

 #Working Methods/Tricks to increase Reliance JIO 4G data speed

Jio 4G Speed Too Slow? Tricks to Increase Jio Speed Up to 40Mbps
Jio 4G Speed Too Slow? Tricks to Increase Jio Speed Up to 40Mbps

I know most of you taken Reliance Jio due to it's high-speed and attracting Jio welcome offer. But unfortunately now you are getting very slow speed with your Jio 4g free data. Don't worry here we are sharing some tricks to increase your reliance jio speed.
If you are an old jio user [means, using jio from the first launch ] and experiencing slow speed comparing earlier; this is because of the heavy rush of users. At early times there are few users under your network tower area and now it may be increased many times. I think you know that jio was only available for selected devices at earlier times but later they are officially launched for all devices. And Jio providing free unlimited 4g data for users till 31st December 2016 irrespective of user device and location. Yeah, the welcome offer from Jio is really very attractive and they got a huge response from users. This way due to very high number of users compared to earlier, you can feel a small drop in jio 4g speed. Anyway, you can try below simple tricks to increase Reliance Jio speed.
Before reading this article, please note that the speed of a network depends on many things such as signal strength, the number of towers in your area and your location.

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Searching for "Reliance Jio slow speed solution or how to increase Jio 4g speed " then continue reading this article.
If you are a Reliance jio user and experiencing slow 4g  speed , then you should read this article.

Ultimate solution for reliance jio slow speed problem - Working Tricks to Increase reliance jio 4G speed up to 40Mbps

4. Use VPN apps to increase reliance jio 4g data speed

By using VPN apps on your device you can increase your reliance jio speed little. If you are getting very slow speed on your reliance 4g, then you should try this. increase jio 4g speed with this trick
Recommended : [1] Download and Install SPEEDIFY VPN : IT S WORKING WELL. GETTING VERY GOOD SPEED. [2] Try also Turbo VPN

** download and install any Indian IP supported VPN on your device. Try Speedify VPN, Turbo VPN VPN master or SNAP VPN.
Note: On SpeedifyVPN if you are not getting connected to servers the keep trying again and again.
** Open VPN app and connect to any Indian servers [ try with other countries servers also].
** after successful connection start surfing on your reliance 4g data. You will get high-speed

1. Increase Jio 4G speed by changing Jio network settings in your mobile

yeah due to incorrect APN settings in your device there is a chance of slow 4g speed. it may be your problem. So try changing your jio network data settings as follows and enjoy high-speed on your reliance jio [ increase jio 4g speed ]

** Go to your Phone settings>>network settings>> APN [Access point names]>> Create new APN
now enter the details as given below


  • 1. First create an APN as follows
    name: jiodata
    APN: jiodata
    Port: 80

  • 2. Now make another APN jionet on your device. IF jionet apn already exist on your device then skip this step
    name: jionet
    APN: jionet
    Port: 80

  • 3. Now the trick is that,try both apns. That is, use jionet and jio data APN alternatively. The thing is that, sometimes jionet apn gives you good speed, but sometimes jiodata apn provides very high-speed. so try both apns. and use APN that gives maximum speed that time.So always check which apn giving good speed at that time.

p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'Helvetica Neue'; color: #454545}
span.s1 {text-decoration: underline}



Name : Jio4G new

APN – jionet

APN Type – Default

Proxy – Not Set

Port – 80

Server –


Chang proxy to - rest fields are same as above set


Name : Jio4G dataAPN – jiodataAPN Type – DefaultServer –

After entering above details save settings and set this new apn as default apn of your device.
Then restart your device and try jio 4g data now. Enjoy high-speed on your reliance jio sim

3. Jio speed solution with MTK engineering mode app [android]

If you are an android reliance jio user, then you can try changing settings in MTK engineering mode app to increase your reliance jio 4g speed.

*Download MTK Engineering Mode app from play store
*Now open the app and go to MTK settings>> Band Options>> select LTE mode
In LTE mode, select band 40 only and uncheck all
* Now save your settings and restart your android device. Now you will experience an increase in your reliance jio 4g.

5. Changing DNS to increase Jio 4g Speed

By using open DNS service you can able to enjoy high-speed browsing. There are some users experiencing very low speed while browsing with jio 4g but at the same time getting good speed while downloading big files. With using OPEN DNS service you can fix this jio 4g speed issue.
DNS for Non Rooted android users

  • First download and install DNS Changer app on your android device

  • open dns changer app and select open dns option there

  • now tap start button and start enjoying high speed browsing on your jio 4g

  • P.S: For paid Dns use 'custom dns' option

DNS For Rotted Android Users

  • Download and install DNS + DNSCrypt Manager root app on your rooted android device

  • Open DNS + DNSCrypt Manage app  then grant root access

  • Enable DNS use option for both 2g/3g/LTE and WiFi

  • goto ‘DNS Providers’ tab

  • Enable ‘Custom DNS’ option (Need to buy app)

  • then put IP addresses of StrongDNS or OpenDNS

  • goto ‘DNS Management’ tab

  • click ‘Enable Now’ to start DNS service

6. Using Internet Speed Booster and Optimizer app - Easiest way to increase your jio 4G Speed

If you are using android device and experiencing very slow speed on jio 4g then you should try this android app called 'internet speed booster and optimizer'. This android application automatically changes your phone settings accordingly and helps you to get very high internet speed. This is the easiest way to increase your jio speed. unlike all other tricks,  here you don't need to do any thing. just install the app and rest will do by the app.
This Internet speed booster and optimizer app works with both rooted and non rooted android devices


2. Trick to increase your reliance jio sim : Setting network mode as 4G LTE only

Most of yours device network mode is Automatic. It means the device itself choose better network mode [2g,3g or 4g] automatically. Yeah, Jio is only supported 4G network and you may be confused about this section. But we still recommend you to use '4G LTE only' on network mode of your device. This may increase your reliance jio speed.

So choosing 4G LTE only as network mode can increase your reliance jio speed.

**You can choose network mode as '4G LTE only' by going Settings>>network settings>>Preferred network type: 4G LTE only. 


** If your phone model is Qualcomm processor supported then dial *#*#4636#*#*  , now you can see a settings page >> tap on phone info >> at this page you can see a preferred network mode button, tap there and select 4G LTE only

After setting network mode as '4g LTE only' restart your device. Now use jio 4g data with high-speed.

Jio Speed test - JIO high-speed


credits: PhoneRadar

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this reliance jio speed-boosting tricks article. I am pretty sure that by following above tricks you are able to increase your reliance jio 4g data speed . increase jio 4g speed
So if you are getting slow speed like 1-2 Mbps on your reliance jio 4g , then you should try above tricks to increase your reliance jio speed. there are nothing to lose by just trying. many of our users tried these methods and successfully increased their jio speed up to 40Mbps.


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  4. I can try new apn but after save its not show anywhere in my phone coolpad mega 2.5d what to do next. My jio sim is very slow working plz let me know

  5. change the MNC to 462 [default value]. it will be solved

  6. *MNC - 862

  7. sunil...................25 October 2016 at 14:30

    New saved apn settings are not displaying in my mobile . An using Redmi prime 23

  8. change MNC to default. MNC - 862

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  16. Sreenath Mukundan4 February 2017 at 13:57

    Currently Jio supports only 4G devices. and i found that your device not supports 4G. hence you can't use jio on that device.

  17. thnx man it cool

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