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How to Renew Jio prime Membership for free: Jio Prime Membership After 31st March 2018

UPDATE: JIO PRIME MEMBERSHIP WILL BE EXTENDED FOR ANOTHER 12 MONTHS AT FREE OF COST: CLICK HERE TO READ HOW TO RENEW JIO PRIME MEMBERSHIP AT  FREE OF COST Jio Prime Membership After 31st March 2018: Jio Prime Membership Renewal Hey everyone, today we are here discussing the topic ' what will be the Jio plans after 31st March '.  hope everyone knows that jio prime membership will expire on 31 st March 2018. Yes, that's the truth, don't know, you guys remember it or not, last year we did a recharge of Rs 99 for 1-year jio prime membership and that's why we are able to enjoy their discounted special offers. and now it's going to end. and till now there are no any updates from jio about the jio prime membership renewal How to Renew Jio prime Membership for free To extend jio prime membership for 1 more year at free of cost follow below steps. ie, to renew your jio prime membership till 31st March 2019, read below steps. Jio free prime membership renewal through th

How to Convert WebM to MP4 Using Movavi Video Converter

Although WebM is a video format that is fairly widely used nowadays, it was designed as a format for online streaming videos and is mostly found there. As such while PCs and Macs generally have no issues playing it, other devices often don’t support it and may have difficulty playing it. Rather than having to find specialized apps to play WebM videos on various devices, it is easier to simply convert them to a more universal format – such as MP4. That can be done quickly and easily using Movavi Video Converter, and before you know it your WebM videos will be compatible with pretty much any device you need to play it on. If you’d like to try to convert WebM to MP4 right now, go ahead and launch Movavi Video Converter. In the upper-left corner you’ll see an ‘Add Media’ button that you should click, then click ‘Add Video’ and select the WebM video that you intend to convert. Next you should open up the ‘Video’ tab in the bottom section of the interface and select the ‘MP4’ category that

How VPNs Can Ensure Your Privacy Anywhere

Everyone is entitled to his or her own privacy. And regardless of whether you have nothing to hide, it is still a right to keep one’s privacy to himself. No one, not even the government, should be able to take that away from you. Unfortunately, the government does not like people hiding from their surveillance schemes. If Big Brother wants to know what you are doing online, it will do everything in its power to get information. The government is spying on you Countries like Denmark, France, and Spain are all culprits when it comes to running controversial surveillance practices. Government officials from such countries appear to be in a pursuit to ruin people’s rights to privacy. No matter where you go, no matter where you are, the government is going to spy on you. On your phone, on your computer, and even using your smartwatch. There is no hiding from prying eyes especially when the government is already involved. It’s about time to keep your privacy to yourself. Protecting your inte

Which is the Best 1GB Per Day Offer: Jio, Airtel, Idea,BSNL or Vodafone

UPDATE: ADDED ALL LATEST 4G DATA OFFERS FROM AIRTEL, BSNL, IDEA, VODAFONE, AND JIO Hi Techintor lovers, Here today we are going to discussing current 3g/4g internet data packs that are offered by different networks in India. we are comparing Jio, Idea, Airtel and Vodafone 1 GB per day offer . Hope all of you already heard about Jio's prime offers and Airtel's RS 345 offer . Yeah, in this article we are adding 2 more networks Idea and Vodafone to the 1 GB per day offer list. So the current situation is that these 4 networks [Jio, Idea, Airtel and Vodafone] have similar 1 Gb per day internet data + free calling offer at same price range, And here we are checking which is the best 1 Gb per day offer? which network wins this telecom war. When looking back we have a situation in India that 3g/4g data packs cost Rs 200+ for just 1GB. yeah, it is not long before. But everything changed now. or somehow we can say JIO changed the Indian telecom industry. all network operators are forc

Tricks and Tips to Get Unlimited Instagram Followers Easily - 2018

Fake instagram Followers - Tricks & Tips to Get Unlimited Instagram Followers Easily Hi tech folks, today presenting you fake Instagram followers trick. Hope you guys already read our exclusive trick to get unlimited fake Facebook likes . Lots of our fans requested us to write an article to get unlimited Instagram followers easily . Yeah, we always with you guys. The fake Instagram followers tricks and tips are ready here.So guys let's got to the article.I hope all of you landed here already have an Instagram account and know the basics of Instagram. Fake Instagram Followers Free I hope all of you landed here already have an Instagram account and know the basics of Instagram. Anyway, for the formality let me introduce you Instagram. Instagram is a Mobile and Desktop Photo sharing application. The users can make free accounts on Instagram and can share their photos completely for free publicly or privately. Users can connect other users they intere