Connect to Others WiFi Without Passwords - Find Friends WiFi Passwords

Access/Connect to Any Wifi Network Without entering their Wifi Password | How to Get/Find Friends and others Wifi Passwords easily

Hi guys, here is an awesome trick get others wifi network passwords. or  to find and access unknown wifi networks. You can use this trick in two ways - 1. Find friends/ unknown wifi network password [ WiFi Without Passwords ]
and  2. Login to friends/ someone's wifi network without entering passwords. 
Here providing you an exclusive trick to steal others wifi password easily. here we are using an android app called wps-wpa tester to know others wifi password. SO this trick can be only used in android devices since the app is only for android platform.
Most of you experienced that, went some places where wifi networks are available but it is locked with passwords, so unable to use the wifi from there. But now you can find any wifi network passwords with this trick. also, you can access any wifi networks without entering passwords. It means you don't need to know the passwords of any wifi networks near you. Just use this trick and so you can log in to any wifi network without entering wifi password.
So if you want to know/ find any wi-fi networks password or you need to access any password protected wifi network without knowing/entering password ; follow this article

You are Reading - How to use any Wi-Fi Network without entering wifi password  - How to get/find friends wifi network password easily [ WiFi Without Passwords ]

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[METHOD 1] How to get passwords of any wifi network - WiFi Without Passwords

To work this method, your android device should be rooted.
1. First download the 3 apps which are required in this method [to find others wifi password]. 1. BusyBox Pro | 2. WPS WPA Tester | 3. Terminal Emulator
2. First open BUSY BOX app and grant Super SU permission. Then you can see Install BusyBox tab, set installation path to  system/bin [ this is important. set will be installed to >> system/bin]. after that click on install button at bottom.
How to get passwords of any wifi network

3. After successful installation you can see, busy box successfully installed to system/bin at the install tab
4. Then open WPS WPA Tester. Grant Super Su permission. After that click on three dots and menu will appear and click on check wpa_cli, it shows wpa_cli command not installed. then click on install experimental button. wait and after that again click on check wpa_cli, now it shows tooltip text wpa_cli Ok!
5. Then open Terminal Emulator and type 'su' and hit enter. this will give permission to super su.
6. Now Open WPS/WPA tester app and tap on green button in top it’s enable the wifi interface and then scan the wifi if WPS WIFI is available in your area then it’s shows with green lock button. click on wifi name it’s shows a popup with three pin available. Select always default pin then click on Verbose button it’s open the Terminal Emulator hold and press on the screen it’s will show you paste option. Paste the command (already copied just need to paste) and hit enter wait for sometime !

7. whooa. You are now auto connected to wifi network. If you want to know the password of that wifi network then click on three dots >> show password option. there you will get the password of the network.

8. Wow. You are successfully connected to other wifi network without entering password. This way you can connect to any wifi network which is protected with WPS feature.

Note : This trick doesn't works with all devices. Anyway try in your device. working well in moto g device, yuphoria, xperia e1 etc.

[METHOD 2]Steps - How to Login / Access Any Wifi network without entering it's wifi password

1. First download Wps-wpa tester android app on your android device
2. Open the app
3. Enable wifi connection and location [ gps] on your android device

Connect to Any Wifi Network Without entering their Wifi Password

4. Now tap on refresh button on wps-wpa tester app on android
5. There you will see available nearby wifi networks name
How to Get/Find Friends and others Wifi Passwords easily
6. Select the wifi network [ which is green in colour]
Note- You can only unlock or access green coloured named wifi networks
7. Then tap on ' connect automatic pin'
how to login to others wifi without entering password,
8. You will be connected to the wifi network without entering password now

Steps - How to Get/ Find Friends or Any wifi network passwords

 ** Same as above method steps But here your android device needed to be rooted.
You will get the unknown wifi network password when your device is rooted.
So use wps-wpa tester on your rooted android device to get others /any wifi network password

I hope you guys unlocked your friends/ or any others wifi password by above trick. if you found this ' wifi password finding / unlocking trick' then please share it on facebook and whatsapp.
aslo keep visiting for more tricks

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  1. rooted Mobile needed or not

  2. techintoradmin20 May 2016 at 21:50

    root access needed for finding the wifi network password...
    but no root access need for just connecting to wifi network

  3. I need to wpa wifi password not wps bcz wps easily not available everywhere.

  4. it says "you dont have superuser permissions"

  5. i have rooted my phone and now it says wrong pin too far..etc and suggest to download premium

  6. it says "you dont have superuser permissions"wt to do bro

  7. you should root your android device.

  8. How to hack non wps available wifi.

  9. hii ..i follow ur website daily .i am really very satisfied of ur in this tricks imnot successful phone micromax canvas spark q385..i root my phone with king root i try ..terminal su then root permission now came came:root@Q385:/ # ..after i use ur both procedure its not work for me ....what is faults ??? suggest me

  10. Sreenath Mukundan5 February 2017 at 18:57

    sorry for that.
    bro these tricks don't work with all devices. please check the NOTE written in the article.

    keep visiting our blog. Thanks

  11. yaaa okkk ...thanks bro fr ur reply ...and i do daily visit ur website ...thnx again

  12. Sreenath Mukundan7 February 2017 at 04:16

    welcome. you guys are our strength... hope your support in future too

  13. which app is better for root samsung j2 6.

  14. Please add me to your whatsapp group, this is my number : +2349095699537

  15. I am now able to use my company wifi without my boss knowledge. thanks to you. :)

  16. Sreenath Mukundan18 October 2017 at 15:08

    welcome. keep visiting our blog

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