Xiaomi Redmi 3S/Prime Hard Reset [How to Flash, Unlock Pattern lock if Forget]

Xiaomi Redmi 3S / Redmi 3S Prime: How to hard reset or How to flash original ROM [ how to unlock if I forget the pattern lock/ security code]

Hi Dear Friends, In this article techintor.com sharing a complete tutorial on 'How to Hard Reset your Xiaomi Redmi 3S or Redmi 3S Prime'. I think all of you have already a Redmi 3S/ 3S Prime and you want to Hard Reset it [or you want to flash the device]. Why I am sharing this article is because recently me too tried to hard reset Xiaomi redmi 3s prime device and faced lots of difficulties. I didn't found a correct tutorial article. However, finally, I successfully Hard reset my Redmi 3S prime [ i flashed the Redmi 3S Prime with it's original global ROM]. So I decided to share a complete article on how to hard reset Redmi 3s/ 3s prime including my experiences.

how to hard reset redmi 3s:prime

I told on above paragraph that i flashed my Redmi 3S Prime to original stock ROM[ hard reset]. Actually, it's not mine, and it's my friend's device, and he forgets the password. He disabled the Finger Print Lock earlier, and he is unable to use the device after forgetting the pattern lock. so he wants to unlock the pattern lock of his Redmi 3S prime[ he want to break the lock]. He met me and told the things. I planned to hard reset the phone from phone bootloader[ by holding both power button+ volume up button]. But I can't. The Redmi 3S prime device bootloader also got locked [bootloader is disabled]. So it is not possible to hard reset the device by this method. We need to flash the device. Yeah/, I googled 'how to hard reset the Xiaomi Redmi 3S prime ' unfortunately I didn't found any valid articles on google results. But there I got a youtube video which was posted by a guy named TECHY TECH. It is very useful, but the video misses some important things. Anyway, the video is very simple and helped me a lot. I followed the video and referred some other Xiaomi forums and finally solved all issues faced while hard resetting Redmi 3S prime.

You guys got bored? ;) I think you guys are also landed here because of the similar issues [i mean, forget pattern lock of redmi 3s/prime]. The steps to Hard reset your Redmi 3s prime device is written below. After the steps section you can see the FAQ section where I answered the questions [issues] related to the topic 'how to hard reset/ flash Redmi 3S/ Redmi 3S Prime'.

How to Unlock my Xiaomi Redmi 3S/Prime if I forget the password/pattern lock

Requirements to hard reset Redmi 3s/Prime

  1. Windows PC. Windows 10 Recommended

  2. Redmi 3s/Prime device with Micro USB data cable

  3. Xiaomi Mi Flash App [click here to dwonload]

  4. ROM [click here to download].

Steps: How to hard reset Xiaomi Redmi 3S/ Redmi 3S prime.

  1. So now you are not able to open the device. Means, your device locked and you forget the pattern lock. You want to hard reset it. here is the link to the youtube video which I said above. I recommend you to watch it for more clarifications. the video is not in-depth, so first, read the steps given here.
    how to unlock redmi 3s: 3s prime if password forget

  2. Before going to the steps, make sure that you are downloaded the files said in requirements.

  3. Switch off your device now.

  4. Hold both the power button and volume+ button for some seconds. An MI logo will appear after that you will see an another screen. There you need to select the 'download' option.

  5. after pressing the 'download' option, your device screen will become blank. this means your device is now on EDL mode. Note this step; this is very important.

  6. After that, connect the device to your computer with USB cable.
    Now right click on computer>>Properties>> Now a new window will get opened>> then click on device manager [at the left top corner].
    From the device manager select PORTS. There you can see 'QUALCOMM HS-USB QDLOADER 9008'. If you see this, then your device is ready to flash.
    hard reset redmi 3s

  7. Now extract the downloaded files. After that install XiaomiMiFlash Tool on your computer. So now you have ROM [extracted from downloads and Mi Flash tool app]

  8. Open MiFlash tool then click on Refresh. Your device will be listed there. then click on the Select button and browse to the extracted ROM folder. [ select the ROM folder and click OK].

  9. Then click refresh button once again. then at the right bottom corner you can see a options menu [a blank column; click there]. select flash_all_except_data_storage there.
    hard reset redmi 3s prime

  10. Then click on the flash button. It takes some time. After getting the success message, remove your device from computer and turn on your device.
    Boom, your device is unlocked. Enjoy the device. You won't lose your warranty by following these steps. So don't worry about it. you are successfully done the process 'hard reset redmi 3s prime'

FAQ: Xiaomi Redmi 3S/Prime hard Reset [ flash Redmi 3s/Prime]

1.After clicking the 'Download' button, the device restarts normally. What will I do now?

ANS: Me too faced the same issue. After clicking the download option [step no.5] my device restarted normally. The device is not going to EDL mode. And it is compulsory to boot to EDL mode to continue further steps. So how to get my device into EDL mode?

There are some methods to put your device into EDL mode. The method I followed is like this:
First take one another Micro USB cable [don't use your original Xiaomi Micro USB cable]. Then cut off it's plastic cover, and you can see some coloured wires there. Pick the green and black wires.Now take a needle and pierce through the green and black wires. So there will be a contact between green and black wires. Make sure that there is a connection[contact] between the two wires.
redmi 3s boot to edl mode
Now switch off your device and connect the new altered Micro USB cable to PC and plug the other end [end which connects to the phone] to your phone. Now wait for 15 seconds[you won't see anything]. After counting 15, pull away the micro USB cable from the device. Congrats, Now your phone is booted into 'download' mode.
Now take the original Xiaomi micro USB cable and connect to the PC and device. After that continue from the steps from step no.6.
This is worked fine for me. If you have any doubts in this steps, you can check this video which explaining this method[ booting device to EDL mode with altered micro USB cable]. If this method didn't work for you then you can also check some other methods to boot your device into EDL mode.

2. I am getting an error "cannot receive hello packet" on Xiaomi Mi flash tool. What should I do now?

ANS: just uninstall and again install the mi flash tool app then after selecting the ROM's folder select the 'flash_all_except_data_storage' option. You are getting above 'hello packet error' because you are not selecting this. So it is compulsory. Check the screenshot provided to verify. After selecting the option do flash.

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I hope this article helped you in hard resetting your Xiaomi redmi 3s/ prime. I personally tested the above methods and successfully hard reset my Xiaomi redmi 3s prime. In my case redmi 3s prime was locked and forget the pattern lock hence unable to unlock. So this method worked me to unlock my redmi 3s prime through flashing the orignal ROM [hard resetting].  If you have any doubts or queries regarding this just comment below i will help you to hard reset your redmi 3s/3s prime successfully.


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  3. hello how to do unlock the phone

  4. Sreenath Mukundan15 March 2017 at 01:22

    bro read the article everything written there. you can also chek the video i stated in the article for more clarification

  5. My device is not going in edl mode by that method

  6. Sreenath Mukundan18 March 2017 at 02:08

    did u tried the method which using altered micro USB cable? it worked fine for me. try that once again

  7. I tried it many times but failed please help me

  8. can i use win 7 instead of win 10 ??

  9. Piyush Chauhdary1 July 2017 at 01:30

    There's no option like flash_all_except_data_storage.Plz help

  10. I reached download mode but my device is not recogonised ..object reference not set to an instance of an object is comming

  11. Sreenath Mukundan2 July 2017 at 01:54

    Bro, it is at the right bottom corner. please check the screenshot for more clarification.

  12. The ROM in the video is a zip file which contains stuffs like system.new.dat, system.list etc.
    While ur ROM is ".tgz" hope it's not a mistake on ur part?

  13. Sreenath Mukundan19 July 2017 at 22:15

    bro both are same. you need to extract the .tgz file
    please read the tutorial carefully and hard reset your redmi 3s/prime. it is worked for me.

  14. it didn't work as expected.....ROM that got downloaded has name land global images and when i tried flashing it says it could not receive hello packet...also it does not show flash all except data storage...what to do

  15. Sreenath Mukundan1 August 2017 at 02:15

    bro please read the article carefully. this one is already solved.

    just uninstall and again install the mi flash tool app then after selecting the ROM’s folder select the ‘flash_all_except_data_storage’ option. You are getting above ‘hello packet error’ because you are not selecting this. So it is compulsory. Check the screenshot provided to verify. After selecting the option do flash.

  16. Sreenath Mukundan1 August 2017 at 02:16

    what error you are getting. i am personally verified above steps to hard reset xiaomi redmi 3s prime.

  17. Sreenath Mukundan1 August 2017 at 02:17

    do try. but win 10 is recommended.

  18. My mobile Redmi 3s prime was thifted and i missed. Can o track the mobile ?kindly help me

  19. thank you very much bro for ur edl method.....tq very very much bro....100% worled 4 me

  20. Sreenath Mukundan8 November 2017 at 20:02

    thanks for your feedback.
    please do support us by sharing our articles on your social networks. cheers

  21. Please my redmi 3s prime screen lock password please call me 9810677179

  22. Does it looses my data like photos and documents? Please reply. I need your help.

  23. Does it looses my data like photos and documents. Please let me know soon.

  24. Sreenath Mukundan8 May 2018 at 15:06


  25. I did flash my 3s prime phone without going into EDL mode. it is not completed yet what to do now ?
    if i want to to go to mi service center then would it remove my warrenty

  26. Sreenath Mukundan15 June 2018 at 04:14

    Most Probably, NO.
    Since here flashing is not completed.


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