Open Axis ASAP Zero Balance Bank Account Online [Free Rs 150 BMS Vouchers]

How to Open Axis ASAP Zero Balance Bank Account Online [Get Discount of RS 150 on BookMyShow]

Guys today we came with an interesting article. Anyone can now start a new bank account on Axis bank with no minimum balance requirement. Amazed?? yeah, this is a great offer from Axis bank. they named this type of bank account as axis ASAP bank account. ASAP have all the benefits of normal bank account + some key benefits

you can start Axis ASAP bank account within 3 minutes. There is no need of going to the bank anymore. everything is online now. To take Axis ASAP zero balance bank account also you don't need to go to the bank. all the procedures can be done online. and the two highlights of Axis ASAP bank account is, it is zero balance account and also Axis providing offers like Rs 150 BookMyShow Discount on Movie tickets, big basket discounts etc 

Requirements for taking Axis ASAP zero balance bank account

  • You should have a valid Aadhaar card and PAN Card [aadhaar card should be linked to your mobile number]

  • you should be 18 years+ old

  • Axis Bank ASAP zero balance account is only for Indian citizens

What are the key Benefits of Axis Bank ASAP zero balance account

  • It is a zero balance account. ie, no need for maintaining a minimum balance.

  • The axis ASAP bank account opening steps can be done through online and the account number will be generated instantly.
    ie, you are getting a bank account within just 3 minutes

  • Funds that are above than RS 10000 will get a higher interest rate [fixed deposit rate]

  • They are providing a free Virtual debit card for online shopping instantly after taking the ASAP zero balance account. If you need a physical debit card, you can apply the same at a minimal cost

  • Access to Free Internet and Mobile Banking

Steps to Open Axis ASAP Zero Balance Bank Account Online

In this section, we are explaining the steps for how to open Axis zero balance ASAP account online successfully

  • First go to the Axis bank asap zero balance account registration page [clcik here]

  • now you can see the requirements to take asap account.

  • enter your name [ enter full name as in Aadhaar card] and go to next step

  • On next screen, you have to enter your Aadhaar card number, PAN card number, and mobile number

  • click the agree TOC of ASAP account and click on next button

  • Then you receive an OTP to your aadhaar linked mobile number. enter the OTP and verify your ASAP axis bank zero balance bank account

  • yoo... Now you have completed all the steps for taking Axis bank asap zero balance account. now enjoy you new ASAP axis bank account features. welcome to the digital banking world. :)


 What are the Online shopping offers Axis ASAP zero balance account providing as a promotional offer?

  • Rs 150 discount on bookmyshow movie ticket booking

  • 20% discounts on big basket purchases

  • Rs 150 Amazon gift voucher on deposit of Rs 5000 on Axis ASAP bank account

  • 50% cash back on first mobile recharge [maximum cashback amount is rs 50]

note: to avail all these offers, you have to use the Axis ASAP bank account to complete the payment of the purchase

Benefits and Details of Axis ASAP zero balance bank account [VIDEO]


How to Close Axis Asap Account

Why I am writing a section about ' how to close axis asap account' is because I saw many of guys searching the same on google and online social networks. Don't know why guys like to close axis asap account. Anyway, here we are sharing some few information regarding axis asap closure formalities.

Steps to close axis asap account:

Actually, there is no online axis asap account closing option available till now.
what we get when researching on the same is as follows:

The Axis Asap account will be automatically closed/deleted if you haven't done full KYC within 1 year or you haven't performed any transactions in past 12 months.

That's all about account closure details of axis asap account. there is no form/ option available in axis bank branches for closing the account offline also. it will be closed automatically if there are no any transactions in past 12 months.


  1. Mohammed Rasheed10 April 2018 at 04:25

    I hv opened ASAP axis I recived in mail my account details
    And tell me how to pay ASAP fees and
    But I want to know how to login to internet banking

  2. Sreenath Mukundan12 April 2018 at 02:44

    login with your adhaar and registered mobile number in the axis asap login page.
    use above link, click returning customer.

  3. manoj kumar manhar31 May 2018 at 10:58

    in my axis asap account showing -354rs why

  4. Jitendra chandel1 June 2018 at 14:01

    Bhut hi ghatiya bank hai mere 364 rs cut kr liye

  5. because you applied for a physical debit card whose nominal issuance charges is Rs. 354. when you have sufficient balance they will deduct the money from your account for the physical debit card you got.

  6. apne physical debit card k liye apply kiya isliye kata.. bank ghatiya nahi hojata rules and regulations mention karne se.. aapko padhna chahiye tha

  7. I opened axis asap account yesterday but still not activated. How long will it take for it? Even I haven't yet done KYC. Where this can be done? Whether should I need to visit the nearest branch or people from bank would approach me directly home to get done the KYC. Please advise

  8. Sreenath Mukundan27 June 2018 at 01:54

    You can visit the nearest Axis Bank Branch to switch your account.

    Axis customer executive will authenticate your Aadhaar details using a biometric device.
    they need just a couple more details from you and your final consent to update your details through Aadhaar authentication and your account will be upgraded to a full KYC account ASAP!

  9. Can I open an FD in ASAP account ?
    Will it be legit?
    Some people adviced me not to keep higher amount in ASAP ACCOUNT. please help

  10. Sreenath Mukundan6 July 2018 at 04:53

    I think, there are some limits for keeping FD in ASAP account

  11. Sir i was open axap account but physical card i want how could i get physical card

  12. Sir i want physical card i am forgot to apply on making an account now how could i get physical account

  13. If i close my axis asap a/c, will i get the money which was deducted for my physical debit card??

  14. Sreenath Mukundan13 July 2018 at 18:58

    no chance. better to contact your bank branch to confirm this

  15. Sreenath Mukundan13 July 2018 at 18:59

    Log in to your account. then you can apply online

  16. Sreenath Mukundan13 July 2018 at 19:00

    apply online. login to your axis asap account.

  17. I opened a asap a/c but now I need to change my address. How do I do that?? And I ordered for a physical card at that address can I cancel that??

  18. REEJA ZACHARIA15 July 2018 at 16:47

    I have few queries:

    1. Except for the physical debit card and cheque book what else hidden charges are there.
    2. What all is the condition in the account.
    3. What is the limit of transaction monthly/annually
    4. Can the a count holder deposit by going to the bank
    5. What is the limit to deposit through bank

  19. Sreenath Mukundan16 July 2018 at 19:33

    Most probably you can't cancel the physical card.

  20. Hi
    I Creat axix asap account recently but I want to close now. But I can't close that. No transaction here than I can pay any charges ?

  21. My account is not activated till now .since I opened it before 1 month.i have spoke to customer service representative but not action in this regard

  22. ASAP ACCOUNT CHARGE 1300 OR 1760?

  23. Sreenath Mukundan4 August 2018 at 15:49

    no such account charge. i think

  24. Sreenath Mukundan4 August 2018 at 15:50

    do contact them once again.

  25. If anyone is interested for new account opening just let me know i will help u with the whole procedure with proper guidance

  26. I've done my full kyc can I open higher amount FD. What's overall transaction limit after full kyc in this account. Please share your info.

  27. What is the interest rate for FD amount in ASAP account, and when I will get the interest amount. i.e. Monthly or Yearly.

  28. Before applying for the physical debit card please contact to bank and ask for the debit card annual charges.. I get the card and it was mentioned rs 500 will be charged annually.

  29. I recently open account in axis Bank and kyc also done. But I have no idea how to use virtual debit card and how to get passbook

  30. I have opened my account online and also applied for physical debit card but there is no.response from bank I went branch also but they also didn't help.very bad service axis bank hauz khas branch

  31. How much cash I can deposit in asap a/c in monthly or yearly so bank will not charged me for deposit amount.

    If have only vartual debt card so how can I withdrawal my cash from home branch

  32. Avisek Bhattacharjee19 December 2018 at 00:48

    Yes you can.Accordining to Axis Customer care no limitations in full kyc Asap account.

  33. Avisek Bhattacharjee19 December 2018 at 00:50

    Yes you can.Accordining to Axis Customer care no limitations in full kyc Asap account.

  34. My acct has been closed due to not completing kyc within a year .So what should I do to reactivate my acct.

  35. Sreenath Mukundan22 December 2018 at 16:43

    Contact with nearest branch

  36. i opened the new axis asap account , i completed all the formlaiities and KYC , but when i tried to add UPI , it says Account Does Not Exist , Why? What should i do to add axis bank acc in upi?

  37. Hello Sir,
    I opened Axis ASAP account for my father and also deposited 350rs as they ask while creating the account ..

    The other day my father went for KYC , bank staff said it was automatically closed... how can it be possible? ... What can be the Reason for this ? And then What about 350Rs I have deposited?

  38. My account show debit frozen account
    What is that how to remove

  39. Abdul Shakir Shaikh1 February 2019 at 07:18

    Hello Sir/Madam,
    I have opened an ASAP account on 26th Jan 2019 and deposited 5000 Rs. as an initial transfer,
    but on 30th Jan 2019 i got a message of closure of my account.I was unable to track the reason of closure as currently I am out of India.

    Can i apply for another account again? After how many days?

  40. I am 17 year old so I dont have pan card so can I make account without it

  41. Can i get asap account passbook

  42. Icici and Hdfc are best

  43. How can i deactivate my asap axis bank account

  44. Dear Sir,

    I have a question about Axis ASAP Account, if I open online asap account in axis bank how can I kyc get it done if I am out of country and once I opened the account will it be linked other my bank accounts

  45. I want to open zero account but didn't word it why i want to know

  46. I want new zero bank account open plz help me

  47. This will be increasing when we don't have sufficient balance right?

  48. What about cash deposit and there any fee for transaction...??????

  49. Make sure about the t&c... They have lots of hidden charges. Which is didn't mention anywhere not even t&c and if some are mentioned that totally different from they charged.


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