WhatsApp Adding Some Limitations in Coming Versions - Limiting the Message Forwarding Feature

Whatsapp Latest Updates: Limitations in Message forwarding, 'forwarded message' label and 'suspicious link' label

Hi dear users, This will be not really a good news for some people, while finally the benefit of these to us.
WhatsApp rolling out some limitations in coming updates. By limitations, I mean they are limiting forward messages. As per their press release, they are testing the new feature on their WhatsApp Beta program. With the latest update, users can forward a message to only 5 people/group at once. They are also rolling out 'Forwarded' and 'suspicious link' labels update in coming versions.

Why this message forwarding limit in WhatsApp?

Indian Government pressuring WhatsApp and Telecomm authorities about this from last days. There are lots of fake news spreading through WhatsApp and it makes very bad impacts in Indian people. Lots of police cases and serious issues are happening daily through whatsapp fake news. Lots of misinformation are spreading within minutes through Whatsapp. Don't know this new feature can stop this. But surely this will somehow help to reduce the spreading.

Whatsapp Limits forwarding a message to 5 persons/groups at once

With the new update, you will be able to forward a message/attachment only to 5 persons/groups at once.
Also, they are removing the quick forward button from the UI.

Also, they are adding a 'forwarded' label to the forwarded messages in WhatsApp.
With this other users can easily identify a forwarded message and can evaluate the genuineness of the message before spreading it.

whatsapp forward message limit

Whatsapp 'Suspicious link' label update

After the message forwarding limit, Whatsapp introducing a new feature which adds 'suspicious link' label to the links. The label will be not added to all links. Whatsapp has its own algorithm to find the suspicious link.

whatsapp suspicious link label

This 'suspicious link' label will help in reducing spam messages. We are daily seeing lots of spam messages in WhatsApp and surely this label can reduce this.

Both these updates are not officially released. It is testing through WhatsApp beta app. After the Beta testing the new WhatsApp message forwarding limit and this 'forwarded message' and 'suspicious link' labels will be live in official WhatsApp.


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