5 Tips that Double your Chitika Earnings


In my previous post Top3 adsense alternatives  i mentioned about the adnetwork chitika. I think chitika is a good adnetwork for starters and it will surely give you good earnings.there are many bloggers are asking ” How can i increase my chitika earnings”.  In this post i will teach you some tips that surely increase your chitika earnings. From my experience in chitika , this 5 tips can double your chitika earning. this 5 tips will help you in increasing chitika eCPM.
read below.
5 Tips that Double your Chitika Earnings

1. Use chitika mega ad blocks

from my experience  i acn say that using chitika mega adblocks will surely increase your earnings. Mega ad block contain 5 text ad and it gives high CTR. Their eCPM is normal, but they show 5x page impression as they contain five text ads in a block. while using mega ad the chances of clicks are high , so using chitika mega ad will increase your earnings. also try to fix the ad in correct position. it will give more clicks. You can add chitika ads anywhere in your blog. I think Adding chitika ads inside the posts is more effective.

2. Get search engine traffic

Chitika is an search results based ad network. So they give good cpm for search traffic. So make more organic search engine traffic, that will surely increase your chitika earnings

3. Concentrate on USA and Canada traffic

Chitika is a usa and canada based adnetwork. They pay much for USA and Canada traffic. so just concentrate on USA and Canada visitors. I think you can use Google Webmaster tools to concentrate website for a specific country.
I think for USA and Canada traffic they pay 10 times greater than other countries.

4. Use High paying keywords

Chitika have both high paying keywords and low paying keywords. So try to write your blog articls on high paying keywords to increase your earnings.

   Top 50 high paying chitika keywords 

1. Purchase Structured Settlements.                          2. Mesothelioma Lawyers San Diego.
3. Secured Loan Calculator.           4. Structured Settlement Investments.
5. Endowment Selling.               6. Mesothelioma Patients.
7. Mesothelioma attorney San Diego.           8. Austin Texas dwi lawyers.
9. New York Mesothelioma Lawyers.         10. Phoenix dui lawyers.
11. Secured Loans.           12. Insurance Auto.
13. Phoenix dui attorney.           14. Pennsylvania mesothelioma lawyers.
15. data recovery Denver           16. adverse credit remortgages.
17. bad credit remortgages.          18. data recovery service los angeles.
19. Consolidating Students Loan.           20. Students Loan Consolidation Rates.
21. Boston dui lawyers.             22. conference calling companies.
23. dui attornes los angeles.       24. georgia car accident lawyers.
25. san diego dui defense.             26. Phoenix arizona dui lawyers.
27. Los angeles dwi attorneys.28. Student Consolidation Loans.
29. irs tax lawyers              30. nj auto insurance.
31. dui san diego           32. Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney.
33. Auto Insurance.           34. Lemon Law California.
35. Students loan consolidation interest rates.        36. Los Angeles Criminal Attorney.
37. Arizona dui Attorney.      38. Consolidation Student Loan.
39. Structured Settlement Buyers.         40. Student Consolidation Loan.
41. Instant Car Insurance Quote.         42. Iva debt help.
43. UK home owner loan.          44. endowment policy sales.
45. sell structured Insurance settlements.         46. College Loan Consolidation.
47. dui attorney Sacramento.       48. car insurance quotes.
49. Remortgaging.           50. irs tax attorney.

5. Using Chitika hover

Chitika have many features like chitika hover , chitika linx etc. Using chitika hover app will increase
your chitika earnings. It gives high cpm and ctr. You can access this feature from chitika>adsettings

I thinks this tips helped you in increasing chitika earnings .
Just listen me, If you are earning very little from adsense or you are suffering to get google adsense
approval , then Chitika is a great way to monetize your blog. Also you do not need to worry about the clicks, because chitika pays for views or traffic. if you care this small tips, i sure that you can earn much from chitika.
Have i forget to mention anything? comment it!

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