Airtel Unlimited Direct 3G Trick & Solutions for Speed Capping[Working]


Airtel Unlimited 3G Free Internet Trick with airtel direct 3g trick method -Added working solutions for airtel direct 3g data Speed capping issue September 2017

Here is the full tutorial of airtel direct 3g trick for unlimited free internet 2017. we have also added the working solutions for airtel direct 3g trick speed capping issues. added trick to avoid daily recharge of small 3g pack.
Hi friends, today sharing airtel direct free 3g internet trick. There is no any VPN, Proxy or other settings needed to work this trick. That’s why this is called direct free internet trick. You can use unlimited 3g internet same as when you recharge normal 3g packs. But this trick needs some money. Means we need to do some small recharge packs to work this trick. All details are clearly described here. You can also check airtel hammer VPN [working] free internet trick here.
This direct trick is very similar to airtel night unlimited 3g internet trick [ check it out now].

Features of airtel direct 3g unlimited trick 2017

** No need of any VPN apps or other apps
** No sim blocking issues
** Sharing Internet data by USB tethering and WiFi Hotspot are possible. So you can share your unlimited data with other devices also. that is you can enjoy free internet on PC also.
** No rooting required.

Airtel Direct trick: How to get unlimited 3g internet on airtel for free

Steps – Airtel Direct trick: How to get unlimited 3g internet on airtel for free 2017

1. First, you need to Recharge with any unlimited 2g pack .
2. Now recharge with any small 3g pack. [ Recommended : RS 29 3g pack or Rs 21 For Rajasthan, Rs.27 for Bihar circle]
3. Now enable 3g on your sim. Switch on data connection [ make sure that you are connected to the 3g network].
Now use some data. And keep a data balance of 50 MB around remaining. You can check the remaining data balance by dialing *121*2#
4. Now Send an SMS ‘ ADD  <Any other Airtel phone number>’ to 121
eg:  ADD 8129555555 and send to 121
5. Then download any large files. Download any file that size around 80 MB + 
6. As it starts downloading, quickly create an SMS ‘ DEL <above-added airtel number> ‘ and send to 121. Confirm the removal of that airtel number.
eg:  DEL 8129555555 and send to 121
7. You are done. Now enjoy unlimited 3g internet. Download big files. Don’t disconnect the data connection. Once you disconnect then you will get only 2g speed. So don’t disconnect the data connection. download maximum as possible now.

Note- Here we are adding one airtel number to airtel family member and again removing it. You can use anyone’s airtel number.

Important Note – At 12 AM [mid night] the data connection automatically disconnects. So you need to do recharge small 3g pack again to continue this trick. Added one solution for this issue below. check it out. working only for some circles.

Working Solutions for Airtel direct trick speed capping issues 2017
How to get 3g speed in airtel direct trick without recharging small 3g pack daily

Above I said that ‘  At 12 AM [mid night] the data connection automatically disconnects. So you need to do  small 3g pack recharge again to continue this trick’ . Here is one trick to overcome this issue. Therefore you don’t need to activate small 3g pack every day. The trick as follows
** At 11.58 PM [around] , Send a SMS ‘ ADD <another airtel number> ‘ to ‘ 121’
** start using the internet. continue browsing. At 12.02AM, send ‘ DEL <added airtel number> ‘ to ‘121’
** Yes you are done. Now there is no speed capping issue. you can enjoy unlimited 3g internet on next day too. Do this every day. so you can use this trick to get unlimited 3g internet with unlimited validity,

FAQ answers; airtel 3g internet unlimited trick 2017

>> You need 3g enabled on your device to work this trick.
>> You can use USB tethering or WIFI hotspot to share this free unlimited 3g data with your PC and other devices
>>  If this trick works well for you, then you can also try with different small 3g packs. many states there Rs. 9 3g pack is available. you can try with this too.
>> This is just a loophole of airtel. we are sharing this only for educational purpose. here we shared the basic idea of the trick. You can try this trick with many other experiments. if you got any more solutions or other tweaks then please share it here [ at comment section].
>> This Trick need an initial investment. This is not completely free. But I think many of you like this trick. anyway, try at your own risk.
Working fine in many states. Not confirmed in some states. Give a try.

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