Always a difficult decision, choosing between the latest and
greatest Android phone or the latest and greatest iPhone is a problem that
every smartphone user faces at one point or another. Thankfully, the key to
solving that problem isn’t that far away when you know what to look for. Having
both the 
Samsung Galaxy S III and Apple iPhone 4S here with us, we thought that we absolutely have to pit
these two ambitious guys against each other in order to make it easier for you
to determine if you are more of a Galaxy S or iPhone user.
     Samsung galaxy is different  from
iPhone in its own stands.  Each phone is
different from one another. That is cleanly visible for the public. Now let us
explore  deep into these  two variety types of mobile phones.


Samsung galaxy SIII is entirely 
different from iPhone 4S.  
While looking their shape , we can understand that both
are in different streams.
SIII is somewhat
ger in shape than iPhone.
There can’t be two handsets more different when it comes to their
appearance than the Galaxy S III and iPhone 4S. There’s no doubt that the
iPhone excels with its solid glass and steel construction, which makes the GS
III a bit toyish look compared to it.
 In contrast, the large
dimensions of the Galaxy S III make it more difficult to handle and operate. There’s
also the fact that with the GS III, you can often press its capacitive menu or
back keys by accident, whereas such a thing is impossible to do on the iPhone,
since it simply lacks such keys.


 iPhone is much better in terms of contrast and color, compared to
the old LCD tech, it can’t really compare with the absolutely amazing contrast
level and ultra-saturation of the Super AMOLED screen, which looks much more
However, the IPS-LCD display is closer to reality, due to the cold
color temperature of the AMOLED-powered Galaxy S III screen. The screen size is
the main difference between the Samsung Galaxy SIII and Apple iPhone 4S.
iPhone’s display measures 3.5”, while the GS III comes with a gigantic 4.8”.The big screen of galaxy SIII is
helpful while we view multimedia’s, which is an great advantage compared to
Apple iPhone 4S.

    Even though GSIII
has more pixel, the display of
the GS III has a lower pixel density (306 ppi), compared to the
iPhone 4S (330 ppi), due to
  the larger physical size.

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  1. Very bias article towards the Iphone. I like how when you compare the two phones togeather in a photo you have a phone that is NOT the SIII

  2. I have them both Samsung S3 and iPhone 4 to test them out and compare
    them, and I must say Samsung is better for its larger screen and its
    quad core.Before choosing between them I must say check their current
    value at

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