Bellboy Smart Bluetooth Earphones Review: Budget Bluetooth Earphones


Hi, I am pretty sure that most of the visitors landing here are crazy about earphones or use earphones in the day to day life. Well, In this article I am reviewing one of the Bluetooth earphones that available through online called Bellboy Bluetooth earphones.

Bluetooth earphones are nowadays very popular. Bluetooth earphones suit well for sports usage and while doing health fitness exercises. also, there are people using while doing jobs.
But for audiophiles who are looking for a headphone which is rich in audio quality and bass can’t find good Bluetooth earphones at a budget price.

The Bellboy Bluetooth earphones are the cheapest earphones that you can find in Bluetooth earphones category. It cost you only below $30 and you don’t need to pay for $100+ this Bluetooth earphone.

bellboy earphone review

BellBoy Bluetooth earphone Features

Speakers: The speaker providing a good quality sound. and almost okay in devoiding background noise. From my experience, the earphone providing good sound quality for its price [when comparing Bluetooth speakers only]. Yeah this is important, there are lots of other wired earphones available in this price range with sound quality and bass better than this.

Battery: the bellboy earphones have a 48 hours standby time and you can use it continuously for long 4 hours. The earphone can be charged using a micro USB cable.

Design & comfortability: The earphone is white in color and have a classic look. the cable is flat type and so there is no issue of jumbling the cable.
The earphone comfortable for people who have short ears and not much okay for those who have large ears. Mine is large ear and it is not okay for fitness purposes even with ear fins. While shaking the ear the earphones falling from my ear. but okay if you are not into sports/ health fitness things.
I say this earphone is very comfortable for guys who have small ear and not well for guys who have large ears.
they provided me pairs of ear fins with the pack. this helped me somehow to adjust the speakers in my ear.
bellboy bluetooth earphone review

Connectivity/ Working: In this feature bellboy earphones really score well. they earphones having the Bluetooth v4.1 technology and getting connected within seconds. there is no time lag for pairing earphone and device.

Specs: Bluetooth v4.1+ edr+meter , class2 Bluetooth headset & hands-free a2dp, avrcp 24 bit audio codec, -98db snr, dc5v

Cost: only $29. this one of the pro side of bellboy Bluetooth earphones. this is one of the cheapest Bluetooth headphone available.

How to buy bellboy smart Bluetooth earphones

  • Goto bellboy official website and you can order your bellboy Bluetooth earphones there.
  • PRICE: $29
  • the pack contains, 1 x Bluetooth headset 1 x USB charging cable 1 x Earphone clip 1 x Instructions on box

They support worldwide shipping.

Instructions to use Bellboy Bluetooth headphone

bellboy earphones how to use
Hope that the above picture is enough for operating the earphone.

Final Verdict 

From my experience, the bellboy earphones satisfy me at its fast connectivity and price. also, the sound quality is okay for the price. but as I said above since I have a large ear it is not well comfortable for me in the day to day life. But for those who have small ears, this is very comfortable, i am saying this because i given the earphone to one my friend who have small ear and it suits well in his ear. he really loved it.
So bellboy Bluetooth earphones are good option for guys who are looking for cheap Bluetooth earphones. If you don’t need a Bluetooth earphone and okay with wired earphones then go with any other wired earphones, since there are lots of wired earphones much better than this available at this price range.

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