WORKING BSNL free 3G internet trick- 2017 [UDP TRICK, UPDATED]


Hello friends, this is my first Internet trick in 2017. And this free 3g internet trick is dedicated to all bsnl visitors. In this post I am teaching latest bsnl 3g internet tricks (2017). Now I am teaching you 2 methods to use free bsnl 3g internet. The main features of this trick are this work both on PC and Mobile and torrent supported with high speed.
BSNL free 3G internet trick- January 2015 (updated)



before going to steps, make sure that your default apn is BSNLNET. And recharge with any small data pack
1. First, download Droid VPN app on your android device from playstore
2. Now on droid vpn set connection protocol as UDP
3. And enter 9201 in udp port
4. Now connect the droid vpn.
5. after successful connection, you are able to enjoy free internet on your bsnl sim.


Requirements for using free bsnl 3g internet trick 

·    BSNL 3g enabled sim
·   Data pack ( use a small data pack for avoiding speed capping). [we recommend you to Activate BSNL BBM data pack.]
·    PD proxy for PC users
·    Droid VPN software for Android users
Now we can begin,

BSNL free 3G internet trick- 2017

Method 1
Follow the below steps to use free 3g internet on your bsnl sim
1.     Connect BSNL internet on your phone or PC( with a dongle or net setter)(Maintain zero balance)
2.     Don’t forget to use the apn – BSNLNET
3.     Immediately after connecting set UDP PORT – 9201 OR 9200 OR 49200
For Pc – Immediately open PD Proxy software and set UDP port – 9201 OR 9200 OR 49200 and click on connect in pd proxy software
For Android- use any VPN software (Droid vpn ) to set UDP port – 9201 OR 9200 OR 49200 and connect
4.     Now you can enjoy free 3g internet on your pc
Follow the below steps to use free 3g internet on your bsnl sim
Steps are same as above method,
But you need to activate a BSNL BBM PLAN BEFORE DOING ABOVE STEPS [ BSNL Blackberry plan worth Rs 115  ]
Then Follow the same steps of method 1 and enjoy free 3g data on your bsnl sim.


HOW TO configure PD Proxy [PC]

1.    Download pd proxy
2.    Also register a free account there
3.    Now Open The Pd proxy software after Unzip . And Input Your username and password at the time of registration.
4.    Now set UDP port in right side of Server & Protocol.
And go to Settings tab>> then portoptions>> there input UDP port [or TCP , as given in the trick]
5.    Now you have Done all the process Just connect Your Modem With Idea internet(apn- internet) setting.
6.    After connecting Modem Click on the Connect Button on Pd proxy software.
7.    Now wait to connect Pd proxy. when it show Successfully connection message ,you are ready to Surf Free NET.
This trick is working in many states, you can try yourself. [BUT NOW IT’S NOT WORKING IN MANY STATES. ANYWAY GIVE A  TRY…..] WE WILL UPDATE SOON
Any doubts or problems then comment here. Also comment your state name if working.
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    • I too hav d same doubt bro.. i tried it properly. By usin it remaininh data balance deducted.after some use of data vpn aplication says, reached d level of bandwidth. Confused wether its work or not ofter 0 data pack and tomarow.

  1. How to use PD Proxy on PC. . Where can I put these number 9201 OR 9200.
    Server and Protocol: Demo server 1 and UDP
    Then Account login Info: Username & Password.
    Where can I put these number UDP port – 9201 OR 9200.

  2. Hello Sreenath Ji,

    I know what i'm gonno ask is off topic but still thought maybe you would help me …. I'm planning to make a Website but got really confused as to where to host it as well which plan is the cheapest & best, what do these terms mean MySql etc.. I have no prior experience in this field, so it would be great if you could help me through it. My email ID – [email protected] .

    Thanks in Advance & Regards,

  3. hellow admin I am using BSNL boardband 945Combo plan & you know BSNL gives 2Mbps speed on use of 8GB FUP limit & then they give us 512kbps speed for unlimited use of internet.sir I want to hack BSNL to get Continous speed of 2Mbps for unlimited use.even my 8GB FUP limit is over no matter.I wanted to hack BSNL for getting continous 2Mbps speed for unlimited internet surfing,downloading & so on.please sir if you have any tricks to hack BSNL for get 2Mbps continous speed for unlimited use.please share it & tell me on [email protected]. please reply very very urgent.

  4. Please tell me how to subscribe to BlackBerry plan , and how to activate bsnl BlackBerry services, I don't have BlackBerry device

  5. iam from ongallur iam started bloging on a blogger but idont have google ad permission how many days to take get it

  6. iam from ongallur iam started bloging on a blogger but idont have google ad permission how many days to take get it

  7. Hi Srenath Mukundan
    I lives in Gujrat this trick works fine for me for 30 minutes now when i try to connect to driod VPN it says
    "Servers are full please try later"
    How to overcome this issue?
    i tried all UDP ports

  8. goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

  9. Please suggest some free recharge android app which is not required automatic mobile verification means i want to put the OTP verification code manually. (like: mcent)

  10. Droid VPN connected using random server.
    Bsnl low data pack – having.
    Bsnl – 0 ₹ balance.
    UDP – 9201.
    Result : reduction of data balance, failure. In Tamil Nadu.

  11. Bsnl free internet in Karnataka. Mobile data becomes to zero mb net e or h simple gone not connecting droid VPN without e or h simble