3G/4G Tricks March 2017, Free Recharge, Internet and Calling Tricks https://www.techintor.com Techintor Thu, 16 Mar 2017 18:13:13 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.7.3 119767812 Which is the Best 1GB Per Day Offer: Jio, Airtel, Idea or Vodafone https://www.techintor.com/1-gb-per-day-offers-jio-airtel-idea-vodafone/ https://www.techintor.com/1-gb-per-day-offers-jio-airtel-idea-vodafone/#comments Thu, 16 Mar 2017 18:13:13 +0000 https://www.techintor.com/?p=1974 Hi Techintor lovers, Here today we are going to discussing current 3g/4g internet data packs that are offered by different networks in India. we are comparing Jio, Idea, Airtel and Vodafone 1 GB per day offer. Hope all of you already heard about Jio’s prime offers and Airtel’s RS 345 offer. Yeah, in this article we are adding 2 more networks Idea and Vodafone to the 1 GB per day offer list. So the current situation is that these 4 networks [Jio, Idea, Airtel and Vodafone] have similar 1 Gb per day internet data + free calling offer at same price range, And here we are checking which is the best 1 Gb per day offer? which network wins this telecom war.

When looking back we have a situation in India that 3g/4g data packs cost Rs 200+ for just 1GB. yeah, it is not long before. But everything changed now. or somehow we can say JIO changed the Indian telecom industry. all network operators are forced to reduce the data charges and to provide good offers. Thanks to Jio for that.
From last week we can see that every network announcing new attracting offers. Currently, after Jio’s Prime announcement Airtel, Idea and Vodafone are announced similar 1 GB per day and free calling offers. If you are one who looking for which network’s offer is best? then this is an article for you, go ahead.

1gb per day offers- jio vs airtel vs idea vs vodafone

Choose your best 1 GB per day plan: Jio Vs Airtel Vs Idea Vs Vodafone

Jio Prime + Rs 303 plan: details

We can start the comparison from Jio’s popular and the basic plan rs 303 offer with prime membership.

  • To subscribe for Rs 303 plan, you need to become jio prime member. this cost RS 99. this is a one-time payment, ie Rs 99 for a year. the last date to enrol jio prime is march 31 st.
  • Recharge with Rs 303 monthly and you get following benefits:
    ** Free 1 GB per day high-speed 4G data. After 1 GB speed will be reduced to 128Kbps
    ** Free unlimited calling.
    ** Daily 100 SMS Free
    ** free subscription to jio premium apps like jioTV, JioMusic etc.
  • Highlights:
    ** Jio actually offering unlimited data. but after 1GB per day, the speed will be reduced.
    ** There are no limits for calling. it’s hell unlimited 🙂
    ** Also offering Jio premium apps free subscription. JioTV is one very useful and free subscription for this helps a lot for users.
    ** No roaming charges.

Airtel Rs 345/ Rs 349 per month offer

Airtel also announced their 1 Gb per day offer similar to jio’s 303 offer. Rs 345/ 349 month it varies with states.

  • No need to enrol for the offer. just need to recharge monthly. Recharge before March 31st and then need to do the recharge all months to continue the offer.
  • check you are eligible for the offer.
  • recharge with Rs 345/349 per month and get the following benefits:
    ** 1 Gb data per day. no time restrictions. it is confirmed that there are no day or night time restrictions for this 1GB data.
    ** after 1GB usage the charges will be 8 paise per 10 KB
    ** Free local and STD calls. [due to TRAI limitation it is 300 mins per day and 1200 mins per week]
  • No Free SMS in this plan.
  • Roaming: free incoming calls. outgoing calls charges apply

Idea Rs 346 per Month offer

  • No need to enrol for the offer. just need to recharge and begin the offer.Recharge before March 31st and then need to do the recharge all months to continue the offer.
  • Recharge Rs 346: 28 days validity
  • 1 GB per day. time restrictions apply. ie, 500 MB at day time [6 AM – 12 AM] and 500 MB at night time [12 AM – 6 AM]
  • after free data usage charges apply. 4 paise for 10 kb
  • Free Local and STD calls. it’s same as AIrtel’s offer. [due to TRAI limitation it is 300 mins per day and 1200 mins per week]
  • No free SMS offered in this plan
  • Roaming: free incoming calls. outgoing calls charges apply

Vodafone RS 345/352 per Month offer

  • No need to enrol for the offer. just need to recharge and begin the offer.
  • Recharge before March 15th night to get this offer, or before March 31st to get 1GB per day for 28 days
  • you should check that you are eligible for the offer
  • Validity: 56 days [2 months]
  • 1 Gb per day data with no time restrictions like airtel
  • after the daily limit of 1gb per day, you will be charged 4 paise for 10 kb.
  • Free local and STD calls offered in this plan. it’s same as AIrtel’s and Idea offer. [due to TRAI limitation it is 300 mins per day and 1200 mins per week]
  • No free SMS offered in this plan
  • Roaming: free incoming calls. outgoing calls charges apply

Summary- the1 GB per day offers: Jio Vs Airtel Vs idea Vs Vodafone

Hope you guys got a correct view of offers, terms and conditions of all these 4 networks 1 GB per day. The plan activation cost for all these 4 networks is almost same. anyway, jio has the least cost rs 303.

While looking the data, all networks offering 1 GB per day. But the idea has time restrictions which is little disappointing.Honestly saying, i am very much against this time restrictions. Unlike all others, jio have unlimited data [1GB high speed then 128 kbps].

All networks offering free calls. due to TRAI limitation, it is 300 mins per day and 1200 mins per week. Hope you know about JIO’s HD calling feature and for this, you need to enable mobile data.

Jio is the only one network offering free SMS. I don’t know that SMS offers really matters now 🙂

For Jio there is an advantage of free roaming [incoming and outgoing].

that is all about jio, idea, Vodafone and airtel latest 1GB offers. Hope You guys can choose your suitable plan after going through above-said facts. frankely speaking that, I will go for Airtel since I am from a rural area. Here airtel has better network strength and the offers looks okay for me. This not means airtel is best here, it’s really user dependent. Check all the features and choose your plan. share this article with your friends and help them too.

https://www.techintor.com/1-gb-per-day-offers-jio-airtel-idea-vodafone/feed/ 2 1974
Airtel’s Reply to Jio: Free 1GB Data Per Day + Free Calling at RS 345 https://www.techintor.com/airtel-rs-345-pack-free-4g-unlimited-calling/ https://www.techintor.com/airtel-rs-345-pack-free-4g-unlimited-calling/#comments Wed, 15 Mar 2017 17:13:31 +0000 https://www.techintor.com/?p=1961 Hi folks, Airtel recently announced a new offer for 4g prepaid users that is almost similar to Jio’s prime 4g Offers. Yeah, we can call this as Jio Effect or Airtel’s reply to Jio prime. With this offer, users can enjoy free 1 gb 4g data per day + free local and STD calls up to 1 month at just RS 345.

airtel rs 345 pack free 4g and calling


What is the actual Airtel Rs 345 Offer unlimited offer?

Airtel Prepaid unlimited offer – Rs 345: Free 1GB 4G data per day + local and STD unlimited calls

The user needs to recharge RS 345 this march and he will be able to continue this offer until next year. But the user needs to keep recharging the same offer every month.

Means, from this march users, need to recharge RS 345 per month so that they can enjoy 1GB 4G data per day and free calling offer for 1 year.

Note: The 1GB Data have some terms and conditions. that is 500MB at day time and 500MB at night time.


Note: This offer is limited to 4G handset owners. that is you can avail this special unlimited 4g and free calling offer only if you own a 4g supported handset.

These things clearly show that airtel is somehow forced to give good 4g offers. since jio’s born all networks had a huge loss in their users. almost all 4g handset owners in India grabbed jio sim. yeah, Airtel lost a good amount of their users. now on this march 2017, Jio’s free offers are going to end (Jio happy new year offer). And jio announced a Jio prime subscription which provides Rs 303 plan with 1 GB 4G per day and free calling offer. Now Airtel replied to Jio with Airtel Rs 345 pack which is almost similar to jio’s 303 pack.

Airtel announced one more offer yesterday:
Rs. 145 offer – Free Airtel-to-Airtel calls local and national, 2GB data per month.

The airtel 345 pack will surely provide good competition to JIO prime and other Indian networks. and while considering the speed and the network strength, Airtel’s RS 345 pack is worth trying. And we can still hope more good offer from Jio, Airtel and other network operators on coming days.

Incoming search terms: Airtel new 4g unlimited offers, Rs 345 airtel unlimited offer, Airtel unlimited free calling offer  2017

https://www.techintor.com/airtel-rs-345-pack-free-4g-unlimited-calling/feed/ 2 1961
How to Get Google Assistant on Any Android Device {No Root Needed} https://www.techintor.com/how-to-get-google-assistant-on-any-android-device/ https://www.techintor.com/how-to-get-google-assistant-on-any-android-device/#comments Sun, 12 Mar 2017 08:50:11 +0000 https://www.techintor.com/?p=1968 Hi dear visitors, Today here we come with a new trick to get google assistant feature on any android device. Hope you guys already know about google assistant. But currently, it is not officially open to all android devices. In this article techintor.com sharing an awesome working method to use/ get google assistant on any android device.

Google assistant is a new feature that is currently available on some android devices. and not officially released for all devices. The google assistant is the future personal assistant in android devices. this is powered by google. Google assistant helps you in all manner. It is already broken the other personal assistants like Siri and Corona records. Yeah, everyone hopes to try it. Techintor.com here sharing the working method to use google assistant on your android device.
“”So guys if you want to try google assistant on your android device then follow this article.””

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get google assistant on any android device

You need an Android 5.0 or later supported device to use google assistant. please make sure you this before going to the google assistant manual activation tutorial.

How to Get Google assistant on my android device manually

  1. First, go to google app beta test program page and  click on ‘become tester’
  2. now go to, google play services beta test program page and click on ‘become tester’
  3. then download google play services beta app from here.
  4. Now we need to download the google app beta version.
    here you need to note some things before downloading. go to this page for google app download page. here you need to select the app suitable variant. you need to select the app variant with respect to your device system specs. you can see the example of variants of the app
    google assistant feature for any android device
  5. If You Are Unable To Understand Then Wait For 10 Minutes And Click Here To Check Whether You Can See An Update In Play Store Or Not. If Yes Download It From There. If Not Then Download Manually.
  6. After updating the google app, go to settings>>Input and languages then select your language as English united States
  7. then install both the google beta and google play apps on your device.
  8. now go to settings>>app>>google app>> and clear all data
  9. if you see any error like ‘app is not installed’ then make sure that you are installed both apps as said in step no.7. also if you are getting any other errors make sure that you are part of the beta testing of these two apps. you can check this by going to playstore>> my apps and games>> beta, here if you see both the google and google play services then okay. otherwise, follow from first step.
  10. Reboot your device. after rebooting check long pressing your home button. here you got google assistant. you have successfully installed the google assistant feature on your device.

Hope you successfully installed google assistant on your android device. the steps are little tough anyway it is working fine. we will make a video tutorial soon and publish here.thanks for reading and enjoy google assistant

Tags: get google assistant on my android phone, trick to install google assistant feature on any android device

https://www.techintor.com/how-to-get-google-assistant-on-any-android-device/feed/ 1 1968
Vehicle Info: Search and Trace Vehicle Registration Details in India https://www.techintor.com/vehicle-info-search-vehicle-registration-details/ https://www.techintor.com/vehicle-info-search-vehicle-registration-details/#respond Sat, 11 Mar 2017 19:42:01 +0000 https://www.techintor.com/?p=1574 Hi folks, Today we are sharing something out of tech niche. But it is very useful for Indians. How to find vehicle owner name and details using vehicle registration number. I know many of you once thought about this, can I find vehicle owner, vehicle registration details such as sub-RTO name, place etc. using registration number. Yeah, it is hell possible :). You can search and find everything of a vehicle using its registration number in India. Sorry, it is only for vehicles registered in India.

In this article, we are sharing some methods to find registration details of a vehicle registered in India. You get vehicle info including vehicle owner name, sub-RTO name & place, vehicle type, etc. from just vehicle registration number. If you are looking for vehicle tracking, vehicle registration info, and owner details, then this is an article for you.

Methods to track and find vehicle registration details using vehicle registration number

1. Trace Vehicle owner name and vehicle info from vehicle registration number by SMS

This is the only method where you can find the owner name and details of a vehicle from registration number. Actually, this is a service called VAHAN. In this method you just need to give the registration number [e.g. KL52J5124]. So you will get vehicle owner name, vehicle info and sub-RTO details.

How to Find Vehicle Owner details

>> You need to send a message like below to get vehicle registration details.
send message VAHAN <vehicle reg no.> to 7738299899
E.g. VAHAN KL52J5124
After sending this message within minutes, you will get owner details and vehicle info of the vehicle with provided registration number.
Sometimes it may take 2-4 hours to get the reply.

vehicle owner info

2. Online method to find vehicle info [vehicle registration details ] – vehicle tracking

In this method you won’t get the owner name and details. But you will get vehicle registration details and sub-RTO details where the vehicle registered. and this is a method which is very easy and quick.
If you have some issues and need to track a vehicle with the help of police then this method suits you. since this method only provide vehicle info such as vehicle registered sub-RTO details including RTO phone number. so you can call to the number and do further things.

Goto findandtrace.com vehicle info page and enter the vehicle registration number.
That’s it. You will get vehicle registration details instantly.
vehicle info - track vehicle

you can also use Vahan.nic.in official site ‘s vehicle status service for tracking a vehicle. Goto this site and enter the vehicle registration number. Boom! you will get the vehicle details including vehicle chassis number, vehicle class and RTO details there.
vehicle search - trace vehicle

These are some easy methods to track a vehicle. Hope you find vehicle registration details and owner details using above methods. If you like this method and felt this useful then please do share this article on your social networks. Thanks for sharing;) .

https://www.techintor.com/vehicle-info-search-vehicle-registration-details/feed/ 0 1574
Xiaomi Redmi 3S/Prime Hard Reset [How to Flash, Unlock Pattern lock if Forget] https://www.techintor.com/xiaomi-redmi-3s-prime-hard-reset-flash-unlock/ https://www.techintor.com/xiaomi-redmi-3s-prime-hard-reset-flash-unlock/#comments Thu, 02 Mar 2017 09:30:25 +0000 https://www.techintor.com/?p=1775 Xiaomi Redmi 3S / Redmi 3S Prime: How to hard reset or How to flash original ROM [ how to unlock if I forget the pattern lock/ security code]

Hi Dear friends, In this article techintor.com sharing a complete tutorial on ‘How to Hard Reset your Xiaomi Redmi 3S or Redmi 3S Prime’. I think all of you have already a Redmi 3S/ 3S Prime and you want to Hard Reset it [or you want to flash the device]. Why I am sharing this article is because recently me too tried to hard reset Xiaomi redmi 3s prime device and faced lots of difficulties. I didn’t found a correct tutorial article. However finally I successfully Hard reset my Redmi 3S prime [ i flashed the Redmi 3S Prime with it’s original global ROM]. So I decided to share a complete article on how to hard reset Redmi 3s/ 3s prime including my experiences.

how to hard reset redmi 3s:prime

I told on above paragraph that i flashed my Redmi 3S Prime to original stock ROM[ hard reset]. Actually, it’s not mine, and it’s my friend’s device, and he forgets the password. He disabled the Finger Print Lock earlier, and he is unable to use the device after forgetting the pattern lock. so he wants to unlock the pattern lock of his Redmi 3S prime[ he want to break the lock]. He met me and told the things. I planned to hard reset the phone from phone bootloader[ by holding both power button+ volume up button]. But I can’t. The Redmi 3S prime device bootloader also got locked [bootloader is disabled]. So it is not possible to hard reset the device by this method. We need to flash the device. Yeah/, I googled ‘how to hard reset the Xiaomi Redmi 3S prime ‘ unfortunately I didn’t found any valid articles on google results. But there I got a youtube video which was posted by a guy named TECHY TECH. It is very useful, but the video misses some important things. Anyway, the video is very simple and helped me a lot. I followed the video and referred some other Xiaomi forums and finally solved all issues faced while hard resetting Redmi 3S prime.


You guys got bored? 😉 I think you guys are also landed here because of the similar issues [i mean, forget pattern lock of redmi 3s/prime]. The steps to Hard reset your Redmi 3s prime device is written below. After the steps section you can see the FAQ section where I answered the questions [issues] related to the topic ‘how to hard reset/ flash Redmi 3S/ Redmi 3S Prime.

How to Unlock my Xiaomi Redmi 3S/Prime if I forget the password/pattern lock

Requirements to hard reset Redmi 3s/Prime

  1. Windows PC. Windows 10 Recommended
  2. Redmi 3s/Prime device with Micro USB data cable
  3. Xiaomi Mi Flash App [click here to dwonload]
  4. ROM [click here to download].

Steps: How to hard reset Xiaomi Redmi 3S/ Redmi 3S prime.

  1. So now you are not able to open the device. Means, your device locked and you forget the pattern lock. You want to hard reset it. here is the link to the youtube video which I said above. I recommend you to watch it for more clarifications. the video is not in-depth, so first, read the steps given here.
    how to unlock redmi 3s: 3s prime if password forget
  2. Before going to the steps, make sure that you are downloaded the files said in requirements.
  3. Switch off your device now.
  4. Hold both the power button and volume+ button for some seconds. An MI logo will appear after that you will see an another screen. There you need to select the ‘download’ option.
  5. after pressing the ‘download’ option, your device screen will become blank. this means your device is now on EDL mode. Note this step; this is very important.
  6. After that, connect the device to your computer with USB cable.
    Now right click on computer>>Properties>> Now a new window will get opened>> then click on device manager [at the left top corner].
    From the device manager select PORTS. There you can see ‘QUALCOMM HS-USB QDLOADER 9008’. If you see this, then your device is ready to flash.
    hard reset redmi 3s
  7. Now extract the downloaded files. After that install XiaomiMiFlash Tool on your computer. So now you have ROM [extracted from downloads and Mi Flash tool app]
  8. Open MiFlash tool then click on Refresh. Your device will be listed there. then click on the Select button and browse to the extracted ROM folder. [ select the ROM folder and click OK].
  9. Then click refresh button once again. then at the right bottom corner you can see a options menu [a blank column; click there]. select flash_all_except_data_storage there.
    hard reset redmi 3s prime
  10. Then click on the flash button. It takes some time. After getting the success message, remove your device from computer and turn on your device.
    Boom, your device is unlocked. Enjoy the device. You won’t lose your warranty by following these steps. So don’t worry about it.

FAQ: Xiaomi Redmi 3S/Prime hard Reset [ flash Redmi 3s/Prime]

1.After clicking the ‘Download’ button, the device restarts normally. What will I do now?

ANS: Me too faced the same issue. After clicking the download option [step no.5] my device restarted normally. The device is not going to EDL mode. And it is compulsory to boot to EDL mode to continue further steps. So how to get my device into EDL mode?

There are some methods to put your device into EDL mode. The method I followed is like this:
First take one another Micro USB cable [don’t use your original Xiaomi Micro USB cable]. Then cut off it’s plastic cover, and you can see some coloured wires there. Pick the green and black wires.Now take a needle and pierce through the green and black wires. So there will be a contact between green and black wires. Make sure that there is a connection[contact] between the two wires.
redmi 3s boot to edl mode
Now switch off your device and connect the new altered Micro USB cable to PC and plug the other end [end which connects to the phone] to your phone. Now wait for 15 seconds[you won’t see anything]. After counting 15, pull away the micro USB cable from the device. Congrats, Now your phone is booted into ‘download’ mode.
Now take the original Xiaomi micro USB cable and connect to the PC and device. After that continue from the steps from step no.6.
This is worked fine for me. If you have any doubts in this steps, you can check this video which explaining this method[ booting device to EDL mode with altered micro USB cable]. If this method didn’t work for you then you can also check some other methods to boot your device into EDL mode.

2. I am getting an error “cannot receive hello packet” on Xiaomi Mi flash tool. What should I do now?

ANS: just uninstall and again install the mi flash tool app then after selecting the ROM’s folder select the ‘flash_all_except_data_storage’ option. You are getting above ‘hello packet error’ because you are not selecting this. So it is compulsory. Check the screenshot provided to verify. After selecting the option do flash.

I hope this article helped you in hard resetting your Xiaomi redmi 3s/ prime. I personally tested the above methods and successfully hard reset my Xiaomi redmi 3s prime. In my case redmi 3s prime was locked and forget the pattern lock hence unable to unlock. So this method worked me to unlock my redmi 3s prime through flashing the orignal ROM [hard resetting].  If you have any doubts or queries regarding this just comment below i will help you to hard reset your redmi 3s/3s prime successfully.

https://www.techintor.com/xiaomi-redmi-3s-prime-hard-reset-flash-unlock/feed/ 7 1775
Jio Prime Membership [Free 4G till March 2018]: How to Subscribe Using Myjio App/ Website https://www.techintor.com/jio-prime-membership-free-4g-till-march-2018-how-to-subscribe-offers/ https://www.techintor.com/jio-prime-membership-free-4g-till-march-2018-how-to-subscribe-offers/#respond Thu, 02 Mar 2017 08:37:23 +0000 https://www.techintor.com/?p=1883

Update: added the step by step procedure to subscribe jio prime membership

Added two methods: jio prime membership subscribe through my jio app and jio official website

1. How to subscribe Jio Prime Membership using Myjio app

  1. First, download or update latest myjio app – here is the link for latest myjio app
  2. Now on first page [landing page] click on open button which is situated beside myjio
  3. Or also you can wait for some time, there will a popup appear for jio prime subscription. select Get Jio Prime from there. If you didn’t appear the popup then just click the open button as said in above step.
  4. now login to your myjio account
  5. Now go to menu>> jio prime [placed first in menu]
    subscribe jio prime through myjio app
  6. on the next screen, select Get Jio
    subscribe jio prime using myjio app
  7. then on next page select the Rs 99 recharge option
  8. Now you need to complete the payment of Rs 99
  9. Yep. you are done. you are successfully subscribed to jio prime

2. How to subscribe to Jio Prime using Jio website

  1. First of all, go to jio recharge page
  2. now sign in there using your jio account details
  3. now click on buy membership link
  4. then click on recharge>> get jio prime
  5. now pay using any payment methods
  6. done. you are a jio prime member now. you have successfully subscribed to jio prime

Hi dear visitors, Today 21/02/2017 Jio announced a very important news regarding their future plans [about Jio plans after march 2017]. Jio launched a new membership plan called Jio Prime membership which allows users to extend current free unlimited 4g offers up to March 2018 with a small monthly recharge. In this article, we are going to discussing Jio’s new prime membership plan offers and how to activate Jio prime membership for existing and new customers.

We all know the unbelievable growth of Jio network in India. They start with jio preview offer then it turns to welcome offer and finally now Jio happy new year offer. The Jio happy new year offer is going to end on march 31st, 2017. There were many rumors like happy new year offer will be extended June 2018 without any charges spreading in social medias. But in today’s conference, Mukesh Ambani officially announced that the jio happy new year will expire on 31st march 2017. But the very interesting thing introduced in this conference is Jio Prime membership. The prime membership cost Rs 99 and then the users can enjoy current jio unlimited 4g offer up to march 2018 with special packs [small datapacks]. The Prime membership will be closed on 31st march 2017. the users need to subscribe prime membership on their jio number before 31st march otherwise, they will lose the chance. New users can also activate [subscribe] jio prime membership before march 31st, 2017. The jio Prime members can avail free 4g + jio services till 2018 march with a charge Rs 303 per month.

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jio prime membership- how to subscribe

Jio Prime Membership: Everything you Need to Know 

All users [New and old] have the chance to subscribe jio prime membership till 31st march,2017. And there is RS 99 one-time subscription charge exist. 

How to activate Jio Prime membership?

Users can activate jio prime membership by following methods:
1. MyJio App
2. Via Jio local offline stores
3. From jio official website

Note: [update] Users can enroll for jio prime membership from 1st march – 31st march 2017.

Note: The complete procedure for jio prime membership is not yet announced. we will update this article with the complete procedure to subscribe jio prime membership. stay tuned with us 🙂

What are the benefits of Jio Prime membership?

  1. The prime members can extend the current jio offers up to march 2018 with a monthly charge of Rs 303.
    ie, You need to recharge with Rs 303 per month to avail the free 4g till march 2018. 
    The unlimited 4G offer terms will be same as the happy new year offer. ie, 1GB high-speed 4g per day after this daily limit speed will be reduced to 128kbps
  2. Moreover unlimited Jio 4g you can enjoy all jio premium services free like JioTV, JioXpressNews etc up to march 2018.
  3. Free unlimited calling and SMS
  4. Free unlimited high-speed 4g in Night [3 AM – 5 AM]

FAQ: Jio Prime membership subscription and offers

  1. What will happen if I didn’t subscribe to Jio Prime membership
    Ans: You can enjoy free voice calls [need VoLTE phone]. For LTE users need internet data pack which costs little higher than the prime member’s plan. You can check the normal jio data plans here
  2. What is the last date to subscribe jio prime membership?
    Ans: It is March 31st, 2017
  3. Am I need to recharge Rs 303 every month for an unlimited 4g offer?
    Ans: yeah, this is a special data pack for jio prime members. Rs 303 is one of the best unlimited data plan currently available in India. Of course, RS 303 is worth paying for unlimited 4g +free calling and SMS for one month

That’s all about the Jio Prime membership offer. We will update this article with all updates regarding jio prime members offers, subscription, and news. Hope you understand what is jio prime membership and how to activate it easily from this article. Do comment if you have any queries. Thanks for Reading.

https://www.techintor.com/jio-prime-membership-free-4g-till-march-2018-how-to-subscribe-offers/feed/ 0 1883
Make Money Online: Captcha Solving Jobs [Best Captcha Jobs Sites Listed] https://www.techintor.com/make-money-online-captcha-solving-jobs-best-sites/ https://www.techintor.com/make-money-online-captcha-solving-jobs-best-sites/#respond Thu, 02 Mar 2017 06:37:04 +0000 https://www.techintor.com/?p=1877 In this article, we are sharing an awesome and easy method to make money online.It is captcha solving job [captcha entry jobs]. You can make a very good amount of money from the internet by doing this captcha solving jobs. If you are seriously looking for a genuine working method to earn money online then continue reading this article. online captcha solving jobs

There are lots of websites providing services for making money online. and there are lots of methods to earn money from the Internet. The best and easy method to make money online from home is Captcha entry jobs. and there is no any investments needed. The job is easy you only need some time and typing skill. And there are many websites providing captcha typing jobs.But the thing is that it is very difficult to filter the genuine and fake websites. But don’t worry In this article, we are listing the best captcha typing job providing websites.


Online Captcha Solving jobs – earn money online

All you need to do in Captcha Typing jobs is solving captchas. and you can earn a decent amount of money if you have good speed in typing. you can do captcha solving jobs from home. you can do captcha solving jobs from below websites.

List of Best Sites Providing Captcha solving jobs

1. Kolotibablo – solve captcha & earn money

Kolotibablo is the number one captcha solving job providing site. they are very trustworthy and paying a good amount for works. also, they are very strict in their terms and conditions. If you violate their TOC then you will be banned from Kolotibablo.

Kolotibablo paying $0.35 – $1 for 1000 captchas. So you can earn $100 – $300 per month easily from Kolotibablo if you do regular work. They do payments through Payza or web money based transactions. So start earning money by solving captcha jobs @ Kolotibablo.
Register at Kolotibablo and start solving captchas.

2. CaptchaTypers – Earn Money by captcha image solving

CaptchaTypers is one another web site in captcha solving job category. this website also paying a very good amount for captcha typing works.
their price for 1000 captcha varies from $0.8 to $1.5. this price varies with time. that is if the price is 0.09$ at 9 PM – 9 AM then at 9 AM – 9 PM it may change to $1.

You can start doing captcha solving job at CaptchaTypers by following this link.

3. 2Captcha – Work from home and earn money [ captcha entry jobs]

2Captcha can be also used for captcha solving jobs, you can earn mobey online from home without any extra skills. they pay up to $1 for solving 1000 captcha images. and you can withdraw the earned money through Paypal or Payza

so start doing captcha solving works at 2captch by following this link

4. MegaTypers – best site for captcha solving job [earn money online]

MegaTypers is one of the popular captcha solving website. You can start making money online by doing captcha jobs at MegaTypers. you need an invitation code[263] for joining at MegaTypers, you can get this invitation code by googling.

You can earn $0.45 – $1.5 for solving 1000 captcha images from MegaTypers.
join now at MegaTypers and start making money from home

This list is not complete. there are lot more sites providing captcha entry jobs. we will update this article with new captcha solving job providing websites here. Captcha entry jobs really one of the best ways to earn money online. so if you have some free time and looking to earn some money then I recommend you to try captcha solving job. I hope this article helped you in picking best captcha solving website. Share this article with your friends and do let them know about this easy way to earn some bucks at free time. Thanks

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Jio 4G Data Plans Complete Info: Comparing Jio Prime and Jio Non-Prime 4G offers https://www.techintor.com/reliance-jio-4g-tariff-plans-data-packs/ https://www.techintor.com/reliance-jio-4g-tariff-plans-data-packs/#comments Thu, 02 Mar 2017 04:40:00 +0000 https://www.techintor.com/2016/11/01/reliance-jio-4g-tariff-plans-data-packs/ Jio 4G Data Plans Complete Info: Comparing Jio Prime 4G offers and Jio Non-Prime 4G offers

I hope you guys already get know about jio prime membership. If no, then read it first “Jio Prime membership: how to subscribe”

As reliance said, Jio Prime users have special data packs. I suggest all of you become jio prime members. with jio prime membership you will get very surprising 4g data packs at very cheap price. below we are comparing both jio prime 4g offers and non-prime 4g offers. Since the jio prime membership costs only Rs 99 for 1 year, it is worth to try.

jio 4g offers prime vs nonprime

Jio 4G plans: Jio Prime Vs Jio Non-Prime

4G data plans for Jio Prime members

Price Data in GB Validity
19 0.2 1
49 0.6 3
149 2 28
303 28 28
499 56 28
999 60 60
1998 125 90
4999 350 180
9999 750 360
Jio Prime Postpaid
303 30 30
499 60
2GB / Day
999 60
No Fup

This is the cheapest 4g data plans available right now in India. 

4G data plans for Jio Non-Prime members

Price Data in GB Validity
19 0.1 1
49 0.3 3
149 1 30
303 2.5 30
499 5 30
999 12.5 30
1998 30 30
4999 100 30
9999 200 30
Non-Jio Prime Postpaid
303 2.5 30
499 5
2GB / Day
999 12.5
No Fup

Jio Normal Prepaid Tariff plans

JIO Tariff Price  4G Data  WiFi Data  Validity (Days)
Rs. 19 100 MB
Unlimited in Night
200 MB 1
Rs. 129 750 MB
Unlimited in Night
1.5 GB 7
Rs. 149 300 MB 28
Rs. 299 2 GB
Unlimited in Night
4 GB 21
Rs. 499 4 GB
Unlimited in Night
8 GB 28
Rs. 999 10 GB
Unlimited in Night
20 GB 28
Rs. 1,499 20 GB
Unlimited in Night
40 GB 28
Rs. 2,499 35 GB
Unlimited in Night
70 GB 28
Rs. 3,999 60 GB
Unlimited in Night
120 GB 28
Rs. 4,999 75 GB
Unlimited in Night
150 GB 28

We hope the information provided helped you. Share this news with your friends and let them know about this amazing jio 4g data plans.

Old news.

Reliance Jio Tariff Plans [Data Plans] Revealed: RS 50/GB And Free Calling

OFFICIAL ANNOUNCE: JIO launched with amazing data plans with free calling on this year


Today, Reliance officially confirmed their normal tariff and data plans which start after the 3 months preview time. and they offer unlimited free calling for this year.
The plans start from Rs 19 , they call it as XXS user plan.
{Reliance jio said that customer either has to pay for data or for the call and not both . It will give 50Rs/ Gigabyte.
As per the current info, they provide free unlimited calling with every pack. yeah, you don’t need to pay for calls.
Also, they provide some Students Plans which offers 25% extra data for students.

Highlights : Reliance jio Tariff plans – Data plans 2017 

** Cheapest data rates available in the world,Data charges: Rs 50/GB
** No charges for calls : free Calls
** No need to pay for SMS: Free SMS
** Unlimited 4g at night
** Awesome special offers for students
** And also there are no roaming charges also

Current Announced Reliance Jio plans 2017

 Reliance Jio plans 2016
 Reliance Jio plans  2017
Reliance Jio plans


Reliance Jio plans
Reliance Jio plans: data plans

This awesome. Jio changes the Indian telecom world completely with their mind-blowing offers. We will update this article with latest jio data plans and tariff plans regularly.

Reliance Jio 4G internet Broadband plans | Jio 4G data packs and offers | Reliance Jio 4G tariff plans | Jio call charge rates, SMS rates, and data rates
Hi, Today techintor.com sharing the list of reliance Jio 4g tariff plans and data packs for all Indian circles. I know that most of you waiting to know about reliance plans such as Jio broadband plans [jio 4g data plans], and other tariff plans.
Reliance Jio already got a huge number of customers in India even before it’s official launch. Techintor.com already shared one article about Jio preview offer trick: Unlimited Free 4G Internet + Unlimited call + unlimited SMS for 3 months. Yeah, the preview offer is only for just 3 months? what after that? Jio users got confused and they want to know the exact Jio tariff plans such as Jio 4g broadband plans, offers, other Jio call charge rates and SMS rates. there are many rumours about Jio is spreading on the internet nowadays. Jio providing the best and cheap tariff plans for their users. But there is no exact idea about Jio 4G data plans still now. Many rumours like 1-2 Gb 4G data for just RS 70 are spreading in social networks. There is no any official update on this news still now.
Now Jio is officially available only for Lyf phones and for some selected Samsung & HP devices. But using some tricks many people got jio sim with unlimited preview offer in their phones [other than Lyf, Samsung, and Hp devices]. And the first impressions are great. they are providing a good customer service also their 4g broadband speed is also good. After the preview offer, If jio provide cheap tariff plans[ cheap 4g data plans and call charge rates] they will surely take down the market. Other telecom companies like airtel, idea etc are already complaint against reliance jio’s this type of offers. Anyway, the Indian users particularly the broadband customers have very keen to know more about reliance jio 4g plans.
If you are looking for reliance jio 4g tariff plans or 4g data packs then continue reading this article. we are sharing the complete jio tariff plans and offers here.

Reliance Jio 4G Tariff Plans & Expected Data Packs For Prepaid and Postpaid Users

Reliance Jio 4G data packs – Jio 4G Broadband plans – Jio 4G Internet data plans/ Offers
In this section, we are discussing jio 4g internet data plans or we can say jio broadband plans.

Actually still now jio not officially announced the jio 4g data plans/ broadband plans. but we are giving some expected data packs of reliance jio here
** JIORC99 : 1GB 4G internet data for Rs 99 with 1-month validity
** JIORC249 : 3GB 4G internet data for Rs 249 with 1-month validity
** JIORC399 : 6GB 4G internet data for Rs 399 with 1-month validity
** JIORC599 : 10GB 4G internet data for Rs 599 with 1-month validity
** JIORC999 : 25GB 4G internet data for Rs 999 with 1-month validity
** JIORC2499 : 100GB 4G internet data for Rs 2499 with 1-month validity

{OLD}Expected Data packs of reliance jio 4g

** 1-2 GB 4G data for just Rs 70 approx.
** 5-7 GB 4G data for Rs 399 – 599 approx.
** 10 GB 4g data for Rs 700-900 approx.

These reliance jio 4g data plans are not officially confirmed. this is just expected data packs of jio 4g broadband.

Reliance Jio Tariff plans for Prepaid Customers
Here we are discussing the jio tariff plans such as jio call charge rates/plans & SMS packs for prepaid users
Reliance Jio 4g – Call charge rates 
Call charges for Local + National  : 2P/ sec

Reliance Jio 4g – SMS charges
Local + National SMS charge : Rs 1 / SMS
International SMS charge : Rs 5 / SMS

Reliance Jio 4g – Data charges
Data usage & charges : 0.5 p / 10 KB
Video Call : 5p / sec

Reliance jio: Romaing rates
Incoming Call : 45 p / min
Outgoing Local : 80 p / min
Outgoing National : Rs 1.15 / min
Local SMS : 25 p/ sms
National SMS : 38 p / sms
International : Rs 5 / SMS

Check out this – reliance jio 4g speed test video

credits: phone radar

This is the currently announced reliance jio tariff plans. We will update this chart with the latest update in tariff charges of jio 4g in future.

I hope you guys found some useful information regarding reliance jio 4g tariff vouchers, plans and data packs in this article. Bookmark this article for future use, we will update this article with the latest reliance jio 4g internet data packs, offers, and other tariff plans. So stay tuned with us and get updates instantly.
Also, Please share this article  ‘Reliance Jio 4G tariff plans and 4g internet data packs  for prepaid and postpaid users’ on social networks and help your friends too.

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How to Bypass Online Surveys Easily- Bypass Fileice Like Surveys 2017 https://www.techintor.com/complete-fileice-survey-easily-2015/ https://www.techintor.com/complete-fileice-survey-easily-2015/#respond Wed, 01 Mar 2017 21:00:00 +0000 https://www.techintor.com/2016/08/09/complete-fileice-survey-easily-2015/ Download files without completing online surveys | tricks to bypass online surveys | bypass fileice surveys successfully | unlock files hosted in survey sites and how to download
In this article, we are sharing the best methods to bypass all online surveys easily. I know that online surveys are very annoying.  but still, some website authors host files in these online survey websites to earn money and protect their files. Anyway completing this surveys to download the required file is a very tough job. even if you complete all tasks that suggested by the survey website, sometimes the file not get unlocked. that’s, why I told completing online surveys successfully is very complicated. Don’t worry guys, techintor.com is here to help you. We are sharing some working methods to bypass all online survey sites here. You can use these trick to bypass online survey websites easily.

How to Bypass Online Surveys Easily- Bypass Fileice Like Surveys 2016

Method 1: Trick to bypass online surveys [eg:fileice survey] within minutes – 2017

1. first, visit this online survey bypass website
2. Now enter your url of your file. [the surveys located link]
3. Then click on go button. You will get the original file/link that contains the file that you are trying to download

Method 2: How to download files that are secured with online survey websites- 2017

Here are some tools which you can use for bypassing online surveys. These tools are very easy to use, you just need to put the url’s of surveys, it will automatically unlock the survey links and generate the original file/link for download. These tools are completely free.
** SurvetSmasher – online survey bypass software
** Surveys remover – easy survey unlocking tool

Method 3: Using Browser extension/plugins to bypass online surveys to unlock file

You can also use browser extensions to unlock the files which are hosted in online surveys sites. These browser extensions help you to bypass surveys like fileice instantly.

For google chrome: plugin to bypass online surveys instantly
** bypass surveys – google chrome extension
** Auto overlay remover – online bypass plugin

For Mozilla Firefox – plugins used to bypass surveys within minutes
** redirect bypasser – mozilla browser addon to bypass online surveys

Please share your views on this article at comment section and also share this article with your friends if it helped you.Thanks


Hello friends, i got a new trick to bypass fileice survey. I think everyone know about Fileice. FileIce is now popular in survey in internet. i know that surveys are a good way to make money for bloggers. So now days most of the web sites have include surveys for downloading. There are many people having difficulties in completing this surveys. Here now i am giving you a trick, by this you can simply bypass FileIce survey. this trick is now working 100%. i am not more describing. Lets go to the trick – fileice survey bypass trick  2017

Read – How to complete/bypass FileIce surveys 2017

1.  First you need to change your ip location  to US. You can use proxy method or vpn method.
      For US proxies – click here
      For VPN configure – click here 
2. Now clear your all  browser data; Including hisory, autofilldata, pricacy and all things, 
3. Now go to FileIce download link and select any survey and go forward.
If you don’t want to share your email publicly then use Fake mail generator (click here )
4. Now complete your fileIce Survey easily. Enjoy downloading.

Important Notes

  • Disable IDM before downloading
  • don’t forget to clear your browser data
  • Surveys cant complete using mobiles, use computer for completing surveys.
Enjoy completing surveys. don’t waste your time. Use this method and complete your FileIce Surveys easily.
Don’t Forget to share our posts. SHARING IS CARING.
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HOW TO CALL BY ANYONE’S NUMBER | USE OTHER’S NUMBER FOR CALLING https://www.techintor.com/how-to-call-by-anyones-number-fake-call/ https://www.techintor.com/how-to-call-by-anyones-number-fake-call/#comments Wed, 01 Mar 2017 20:30:00 +0000 https://www.techintor.com/2016/10/23/how-to-call-by-anyones-number-fake-call/


Hi Friends, Today we are here sharing an awesome trick that allows you spoof call. that is you can call from any number that you like. you can call with anyone’s number. yeah it is true with this you can change your number while calling someone.
read this article and get know about how to call with other’s number.

Steps: How to call anyone from any number – Trick to spoof call

In this Trick we are using fake call android app for spoofing calls. You need to enable mobile data/wifi to follow below steps.

  • First download fake call app on your android device
  • now open the fake call app and you can see two columns : Caller Id and To.
  • Enter the number that you want to use for calling [ this will be your fake number]. and enter the number to call on the next column ‘TO’
    Note: You should add 91 before the 10 digit number
  • That’s it. The call will be connected soon. On the receiver phone, your fake number will be displayed [this can be changed at any time from 3rd step]. 
  • This way you can use any number for calling. prank your friends by spoof calling.
Note: The main disadvantage of this fake app is it is limited to 1 minute [trail account]. You need to pay for additional minutes.


Hi guys, Today I am going to share an amazing trick. Many people asked me too publish an article on this topic. At last today I got an android app called Voxox. It is really wonderful app. Yes, you can call from anyone’s number by voxox app. Actually it is a messaging and calling android app. But we can use it as to making fake calls. Here I am providing the step by step tutorial on how to make fake calls or how to use others numbers to call. So guys read below steps.
READ – How to Call From Others number, How to use others number for calling, How to call by anyone’s number



1. First download Voxox Android app from playstore – click here to download
2. Now open voxox and create an account there
3. As sign up bonus you will get $ 1 as balance
4. After logging in Voxox app Goto More 


5. Now tap on User
6. Now click on Caller ID
7. Change the caller id to the number which you want to use for calling
means if you give your friend number on caller id then when you call on voxox , it will call with your friend’s number.
8. Now call on voxox. It will call as which number you given on caller id
Note – Should use +91 prefix on all place you enter mobile number


I hope you guys enjoyed reading this trick. keep in touch with techintor.com and get more knowledge in technology and tricks.

Note- this trick not working now.

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