HTML is language using for webdesign.
Full name – Hyper Text Markup Language.
What is Html
HTML is language for webdesigning. The first webdesigning tool is
HTML. The basic of webdesigning is HTML. It is simple to use.
Anyone to do this in our computer with a typing software. Ex e –
Notepad,Wordpad,Office word
HTML language works with tags. All function have either either tags.
Function’s starting tag is < >
Function,s closing tag is </ >
Start Webdesigning With HTML
HTML page starting tag is <html>
HTML pages closing tag is </html>
There we want title to our web page. Then use title tag.
Exe – <title>webpage title</title>
You want a head place to your web page then use head tag.
Exe – <head> your web page head place </head>.
Then HTML have a body tag that is main work area of our web page.
Exe – <body> your web page work area </body>
How it works
Yes, we maked a HTML document with HTML tags for a web page.
We want it works with a web page and want that open automatically
with a internet browser.
Yes that is now,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
We make a HTML document that you save with .html extension or
.html extension.
Then your HTML document automatically open with a internet
browser. And you see your HTML tags function.
More HTML tags
· <img src=” location”> – this is image tag.
In location place you type the location of image do you want.
· <img src=”location” width=”500” height=”250”>
In this tag width and height tag specifies to size of the image.
· <a href=”location”> name</a> – this is link tag
In location place – type the location of the html page or extra do you
want .
In name place – type the name do you want for your link.
· <p> paragraph body </p>
Tag use to paragraph
Some tags…
<b> tag use to bold letters.
<i> tag use italic letters
<body bgcolor=”yellow”> tag use to body background
<center> tag use to align center.
<big> tag use to big letters
<div> tag use dividng to division
<hr> tag use to a horizonal rule.
<small> tag use to small letters
<strong>tag use to strong letters.
A simple HTML webpage.
<head> </head>
<title>web page title</title>
<body bgcolor=”yellow”>
<center> <p> <b> <i> my first webpage .
<img src=”images/main image.jpg”>
<hr color=”red”>
<a href=”index/more.html”>more about……</a>
i thik now also you should make agood HTML webpage in more
Thank for reading this post,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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