I Made 10$ in Just 15 days with my new blog


From many forums and blogs, I noticed that many new bloggers
are searching for how they can make money with their new blog in few days. Yes
I am also searched for that many times. While searching in google ‘ how to make money with my new blog in few
’ I got many search results on the topic but most of them are fake.
But in this post I am telling a worked real method to make money with a new
blog in just 15 days.  I am writing this
post from my own experience.
I Made 10$ in Just 15 days with my new blog
As a blogger I am explain this tips is actually wrong. But I
know that for newbies this will help much. Please don’t repeat this method many
times.  This method is based on the ad
network chitika. In this method actually we are placing the chitika ad inside
your blog posts.
Please follow the below steps and make 10$ from your new blog in 15 days

    1.      Create a
new blog for downloading new movies ,songs ,videos and film trailers
Eg – In my case I created a blog http://malayalamfree.blogspot.com which
concentrate mainly Malayalam songs and movies
   2.      Write posts
like ‘Download new Hollywood full movie anabelle’. No need for uploading movie.
(You just create a post on latest movies and songs)
Eg – In my case I created daily more than 20 posts .
in topics – download new Malayalam movie vikramadithyan , download new
Malayalam movie vikramdithyan songs etc.
   3.      Sign up On
Chitika adnetwork with your new blog. ( chitika will approve your blog within 3
working days). After full approval they give you a Html/javascript .
   4.      Now again
go to your blogger dashboard and edit your posts with adding the chitika adcode
inside your posts. ( you can add 
javascript to posts by the option edit html in blogger post editor tab).
Type -‘ Download the new movie or song by clicking any of the below links’
after this add chitika ad code.
Eg – Structure
of my blog post
      Post Heading                   ( download
new Hollywood movie The Judge )
        Google tags                   (  download holly wood movie the
judge,the judge full movie etc.)
        Chitika  adcode
of my blog post

I Made 10$ in Just 15 days with my new blog : eg post screen shot

your post like this or design as your visitor should click on the ad .

So while a user search for the movie google
shows your post first and the visitor click on the chitika ad.  The visitors will click your ad for
downloading the movie or song. Thus you can earn money from clicks. The chance
of clicking the chitika ad is 90%. Design your post more user friendly).
Share your blog posts continuously on Social
networking sites ( mainly in Facebook)
If your chitika Balance reached 10$ then you can
withdraw your balance by PAYPAL.
Visit http://malayalamfree.blogspot.com
, that will help you much in designing the posts. In my case malayalamfree got
around 1k page views daily and I got 50 around daily ad clicks. Thus I make
more than 20$ with my malaylamfree in 15 days. If you customize your post good
then you get more clicks. Visit film directories like IMDB , and find new films
and make new posts.
Please don’t repeat this trick.
This method is a type of spamming. I think this trick only works once after
that google will detect your blog as spam and never show your results. But you
can make 10$ with this trick simply. If you get more clicks from USA and Canada
then you can make more than 50$ using this method.
Using this method is actually
cheating chitika. So please don’t repeat this trick. I think for new bloggers
this trick will help much.
If you have any doubts then comment
it. Techintor is happy to help you. Facing any problems? Comment it.

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