IDEA 900 MB Free 3G Internet TRICK – November


Hello, In this post I am going to share IDEA 3g trick, using
this trick you will get 900mb free 3g high speed internet for 30days.

IDEA 900 MB Free 3G Internet TRICK - November

I knew this trick when I send a Porting request to Idea ,
they give me a 300mb free 3g internet. On the same day I used the full 300mb.
But after 3 days again I got 300 mb 3g data. After that I did the same again
and I got 300mb again. This is a real story that happened to me. I am sure that
now in kerala ( 05-11-2014 ) this trick is 100% working. I am confirmed this
trick in my friends IDEA sim and it is 100% working.
For getting 900MB free IDEA 3g internet , you need to follow
these steps

1.      Send a
Porting Request to IDEA
Eg-  Send a SMS
‘ PORT [YOUR NUMBER]’ to 1900
2.      After this ,
you will receive a call from idea customer care;  they ask you about why you are porting from
idea, reply that you need a gift offer. And choose the internet offer ( they
say that 300mb for 30days).
3.      In 3 days
your idea sim will get recharged with 300mb 3g internet
4.      Use maximum
data as you can in 3 days ( Maximum 300mb)
5.      After 3
days again you get recharged with same plan [300mb 3g data]
6.      Repeat the
same .
Note –  While using
this trick, you 3g balance will not increase than 300MB. So use maximum data
that you can in 3 days.
This trick only work 3 times . that is you can get maximum
900mb free internet.
Example – if you used 200mb 
/ 300 mb ; after 3 days you will not get additional 300mb but your 3g
balance will remain 300mb.
I think that with this trick you got 900mb free idea 3g
internet!  This trick is limited and this
is not an official offer of idea. So don’t repeat this many times. Wait for new
tricks. Keep visiting Techintor.
Any doubts? Comment below, Techintor is happy to help you

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