Jio Free Conference Call: Do Unlimited Free Conference Calls Using Your Jio Sim


Free Conference call using Jio Sim : How to start free conference/group call using jio sim

Hi fans, today we are sharing an article on how to do free conference call using your jio sim. In this article, you will get know about ‘how to start a conference call from your smartphone’ and ‘How to do free conference call/ group call with jio in 2016″.
Conference call: It can be called as group call also. here you are able to speak with more than one person at a time. Yeah it’s similar to group chats. One user should start the group call/ conference call from his device and he can add as many participants [users] to the conference call. It can be very helpful in many cases.
What is special in jio conference call? well, that’s a good question. I think you already heard about jio welcome offer. jio welcome offer provides unlimited free calling and internet till December 2016 [maybe extended up to march 2017]. we can utilize this great time for doing a conference call. that is with the jio welcome offer you are able to do unlimited free conference calls.
Completely Free. Yes you can do group call [conference call] with your friends/ relatives/ other for unlimited minutes.
Most probably, now there will be a question left answered in your mind, “How to start free conference call from my jio sim  ?” [ “how this jio free conference call works? “], this article will give the well explained answer for it.

Jio Free Conference Call:
UPDATE: Currently conference calls using jio4Gvoice having some issues. hope they will fix it soon. [for LTE users]
Bytheway, conference call working fine for VoLTE users. 

How to start free conference call from my jio sim inserted device?

In this section we are discussing on how to do free group call from your jio inserted device.

Using Jio4gVoice for free conference call [Non VoLTE users]

If you are using jio4gvoice for calling on your jio inserted device, then follow below steps to start free conference call
1. open jio4gvoice app, and first call any one person that you want to add in your group call.
2. Now after he takes the call, you can see a button [3 dot button] at the top right corner; tap on it then select add new call .
[Now the first call get hold.]
3. Now select and call other one partcipant which you want to add in your conference call [from jio4gvoice app]. after he takes the call. again tap on the 3 dot button at thr top right corner >> now there you can see a option ” Merge calls” . just tap on the merge calls. The 2 participants will be added into the group call now. now you are 3 persons are in the conference call.

How to start free conference call from my jio sim inserted device?

4. you can add more participants to the conference call one by one by repeating above steps.

Thus with jio4gvoice app you can enjoy  unlimited minutes conference call.
Its really very helpful.
Let me tell you some examples, you can do group works [school/college/business] effectively with conference call.
But actuallly when comes to jio free conference call, the best thing felt me is using it for pranking my friends. Its very funny, since jio conference call is free you can enjoy unlimited free conference call without any limits.

For VoLTE users: who use system dailer for calling jio inserted device

Here the steps are same as above. just use your system dialer and add participants on the same way said above

Hope everything clear now. If you have any doubts regarding jio free conference call then just comment below,we will reply you as soon as possible.
Enjoy this awesome feature of conference call with your friends and relatives for free using jio sim.
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  1. hi sir iam VOLTE user, while conference call it showing me merge call option but iam not able to click on it. Its not working. wt should i do..

    • please follow the procedure. you need to tap 'add new call' and thus add another call then the merge option will be active.

  2. Till November 10 2016 I was able to do a conference call through jio SIM hand set is Samsung galaxy j7 but now as soon as I merge the call drop. And I am not able to do a conference call please guide mr

  3. Jio has stopped conference call service now on their sim. Calls get dropped as soon as you merge two. Maybe, they want to activate this facility after the free period ends, with some kind of an extra charge to use this facility.

  4. I do conference call correctly but no one to speak…. click merge button the call could be Silent….. And the one user end the call then two person will speak…… So tried to speak in conference first time it’s work…. I am speaking 8 member with 2hrs then I am cannot connect to speak conference.

  5. Hey, I am a VOlTE user so I have to use my phone dialer to make calls.. As jio4gvoice app switches to my phone dialer as I try to make a call.. When i make a call by my phone dialer and add another call it puts the first one on hold and connects the second person.. But as soon as I tap to merge both the call.. It automatically disconnects both the calls.. I am using Oppo f1s… Please help.