Jio Offers 1 Year Unlimited 4G For LYF Smartphones {JPO extends to 1 year}


How to get 1 year unlimited 4g data offer in LYF smartphones with JIO preview offer – LYF smartphone users can now enjoy 1 year unlimited 4g with JIO

Hi friends, a very happy news to all Lyf smartphone buyers, Reliance Jio extends their free unlimited 4g data offer to 1 year {only for LYF smartphone users}. Recently Jio announced that, Jio sim with unlimited preview offer will be available for all 4G smartphones. And so now all 4g smartphones users are able to get jio with unlimited preview offer of 3 months validity.  But in this article, i am not going to discuss this. We got a new update from reliance jio, is that the Lyf smartphone will get unlimited 4g data for 1 year.
The reliance jio had launched their sim in India with preview offer in Lyf smartphones. At the time of jio launch the preview offer is only available for Lyf smartphones. the offer was like this- Unlimited Preview offer for 3 months validity for all Lyf smartphone users. That is all lyf smartphone buyers will get 3 months unlimited 4g data + unlimited voice calls and SMS. This was the old offer for all lyf phones. But today we got a news from Phoneradar , that is the jio preview offer of unlimited 4g data for 3 months got extended to 1 year. It means, for all Lyf phone buyers will get unlimited 4g data with 1-year validity. 

Jio Extends the Preview offer of LYF smartphone users to 1 year unlimited 4g offer: users questions about this jio&lyf new offer is answered at FAQ section below.

This news is officially confirmed. and there is no need of any doubts. go and buy a lyf smartphone and enjoy unlimited 4g data and free calling, sms  free for 1 year with jio.

If you are interested to know more about the ‘New Jio unlimited 1-year 4g data offer for LYF smartphone users’ then continue reading this article.

Jio Offers 1 Year Unlimited 4G For LYF Smartphones {JPO extends to 1 year}

Jio Unlimited 1 Year 4G  data offer for Lyf Smartphones – Full details

As per the news we get, the reliance jio extends the 3 months preview offer of lyf phones to unlimited 4g data offer of 1 year. 
But there are some changes from ordinary jio preview offer. The 1-year unlimited offer doesn’t include the unlimited voice calls and SMS. The new offer includes only 1 year unlimited 4g data, 

This news is not actually officially announced, but as per the reports from some high authority sites, we can confirm this 99% true. 

FAQ – New Reliance Jio Unlimited 4g Data with 1-year validity for LYF smartphone exclusive Offer

** Will my old LYF smartphone get this unlimited 4g data offer with 1-year validity?
Ans) there is no any information about this yet. anyway we hope that the old lyf smartphones users those were already using 3 months unlimited preview offer also get this 1 year unlimited 4g data offer

** what is the new unlimited 4g data offer from Jio for LYF smartphone actually? Will i Get unlimited 4g for 1 year in my Lyf smartphone?
Ans) As per the current news, it says – unlimited 4g data for 1 year. But i think there will be some limit of 75gb-100gb per month ;). Anyway, it’s not confirmed. stay tuned with us we will update with the latest information soon

** Can you suggest me some cheap and good LYF smartphones with jio unlimited 4g data offer?

Ans) Of course. 🙂 Here is the list of some best and cheap LYF smartphones which are currently available on the store.

1.LYF FLAME 8 with JIO Preview Offer (Black, 8 GB) – 4199 – Get more details and Buy Now :Click here
2.LYF FLAME 8 with JIO Preview Offer (White, 8 GB) – 4199 – Get more details and Buy Now :Click here
3.LYF FLAME 8 with JIO Preview Offer (Blue, 8 GB) – 4199 – Get more details and Buy Now :Click here

Specs: 1GB RAM , 8 GB ROM , 4.5 Inch Display, 8MP Primary camera and 5MP Secondary camera, Android lollipop

4.LYF WIND 3 with JIO Preview Offer (Black, 16 GB) – 6999 – Get more details and Buy Now :Click here

Specs: 2GB ROM , 16GB ROM, 5.5 Inch Display, 8MP Primary and 2MP secondary camera, Lollipop

Final words about jio’s latest 1 year unlimited 4g LYF smartphone offer

This is a great move from reliance jio. This will surely help LYF smartphone markets. Currently, the new smartphone manufacturer LYF company is got ranked 6th position in the smartphone market. And of course, this jio unlimited 4g for the 1-year offer will surely change the smartphone market statics. 

I hope you guys got enough details about jio’s latest LYF smartphone unlimited 4g offer. Still, if u have some doubts then please comment it below, we will reply you asap. Also please share this’ Jio Unlimted 1 year 4g data offer fro LYF smartphones‘ news with your friends too. thanks

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    • now one get 1 year .. its changes to limited data plan 4GB per day after then its 128 kbps means 2G speed 10-20 kbps… i am a lyf user and i got this welcome offer when my preview offer doesn't ends.. Other brands using preview offer.. why this happen with lyf users

  1. i bought a lyf handset n i was active with my lyf jio unlimited for 3 months but it changes automaticaly to jio welcome offer please help out . how can i get active to my unlimited plan of lyf devices

  2. Today I went Jio store but there is not available any 1 year offer. May be it’s a one type of plan to sale the LYF smartphone. So I will advice to buyer pls don’t buy any smartphone without confirmation from Jio CC.

  3. I have jio sim extra and I use it on my lyf mobile that sim not lyf jio package is it got another mobile barcode so I am insert on my lyf phone. Can I will extend 1 year offer on this sim if not what to do it for 1 year planing sir plz suggest me

  4. Is it deposit refundable after 3 months or 3 years? What are function of reliance smart phone. Is it 1 year free plan? Great.