Lexmark Mobile Printing (for iPad) Software Review


Lexmark Mobile Printing (for iPad) Software Review
You can print images, clipboard text, and PDF from ipads to compatible Lexmark Wi-Fi printers. It is smarter than AirPrint for PDF printing. And it is also free.
Lexmark mobile printing is a free app for users to print out PDF documents, clipboard text and art, and image files from an iPhone or iPad connected to the same Wi-Fi network as a compatible Lexmark printer. Thought better than LexPrint app.
You can download Lexmark Mobile Printing app from iTunes app store; and this app good for iPad and iPhone – an Android version also available. Many Inkjets are not compatible for this app. You can search for supported printers on your Wi-Fi network after installing Lexmark mobile Printing app. This app more useful for photo printing. It can print photos direct from images. You can copy emails or other documents to clipboard and you can print this with clipboard. HTML formatted documents also print with this. This app is Free, and worth trying if you have a compatible Lexmark Printer. We hope that future version of Lexmark mobile printing support Microsoft office documents. I think that this review useful to iPad and iPhone users to Choosing for a good printer.

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  1. i think this is a free app.
    you cn download this from apple app store.
    thanks for your valuable comment.
    keep visiting