Manage Your Android Device Storage Easily: MoveIt App


Are your tired of Low Storage Space which does not let you download your favorite app or game. Searching for a solution?Normally a lot of the Storage space is occupied by the Images,Videos and Audios. Transferring them to SD card could solve the issue, but transferring them to SD Card sometimes could be a difficult job.

To make the whole process easier and to give you the full freedom to manage your Medias so that you can use your Android device to the fullest without worrying about the Low Storage Space there is an app Called MoveIt which lets you manage your Media.MoveIt lets you Transfer your Images, Videos, and Audios to SD Card and also from SD Card to Internal Storage. Not only that but MoveIt has many other cool features.

Features – Move It APP

  • Transfer Media to SD Card – Moveit helps to transfer your Images, Videos and Audios to SD Card from internal storage.
  • Transfer Media to Internal Storage – Moveit helps to transfer your Images, Videos and Audios to SD Card from internal storage.
  • Auto Transfer – Auto Transfer is a unique one of its kind features that automatically transfers your medias to SD Card without opening the app.
  • Inbuilt Cleaner – MoveIt has a inbuilt junk cleaner that helps to clean your Phones junk such as apk, thumbnail etc to boost your phone’s speed and also to increase the storage.
  • Media Scanner – MoveIt has a Internal and External Storage Media Scanner which help’s you to find the hidden medias in your Phone.
  • Search – Easily search for your Medias whether they are present in Internal Storage or in SD Card.
  • Media player – With MoveIt’s inbuilt Media Player view Images, and Play Videos and Listen to your Audios.
  • Delete – Not only MoveIt let’s you transfer your Media but it also lets you Delete your Media.
  • New Folder – Easily create New Folder while selecting the path to transfer Your Media to.
  • Multi select – Transfer your Images,Videos and Audios together to SD Card.
  • Large medias – MoveIt can transfer Any Amount of Media.
  • Sorted Media – All your Medias are sorted out Date wise so that you don’t have to search for them.
  • Media Manager – Moveit is the only Media Manager you need as it lets you Transfer,Delete and View your Medias.

What’s different about MoveIt?

What sets apart MoveIt from other apps is the efficiency and the ease with which it transfer your Medias to SD Card and vice versa. All the Medias are sorted

out date wise. It can also Transfer a large number of files from Internal Storage to SD Card and vice versa.


MoveIt is the only app you will be needing to manage your Media. If you are the One who suffers for Low Storage Space regularly then MoveIt is a must have app for you.

The size of the app is less than 5 MB which means you can easily download it.

You can download MoveIt from this link- Download MoveIt

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