New Apple IPad Tips


Apple ipad tips
This apple ipad tips help you to use new apple ipad simple.
1.   1.    Access all running apps
Do you want to show all running apps. Double clicking the home button and you see all running apps on your ipad in a bar along the bottom of the screen. Taping in this bar to switch the running apps. Swiping the screen downwards to removing the bar.
2.    2.    Carry your sensitive data
If your Ipad in many sensitive data. You want it protect. You can now enable a new ipad feature  that will erase all the data on the device if someone gives incorrect passcode 10 times. Go to settings>general>passcode lock>erase data
3.    3.   VPN connection
The new apple ipad have support VPN connection. Configure the VPN connection by go to settings>general>network and select VPN and move the slider to on, then you add a VPN connection with your server and account details.
4.   4.   Turn battery percentage off
In your apple ipad you find that you ipad battery charge percentage distracting. Yes the good news is in new ipad have turn it off very easily. Go to settings>general>usage and you can turn it off.
5.   5.     Quick volume mute
In your ipad have don’t any dedicated mute button anywhere on the device. However, with iOS 4.3 apple has given you the choice of using the lock button to mute the sound or lock your ipad’s orientation. Either way, a good tip for quickly muting by press and hold the volume-button.
6.   6.     Use an apple keyboard
Any ways miss your ipad keyboard. Don’t worry , any apple keyboard work in this new apple ipad. Bluetooth keyboard’s also work in new ipad.
7.    7.    Take an ipad screen shot
Do you want to take screen shot of your apple ipad. Take a screen shot by pressing home and then the sleep/wake button. The screen flash and you will hear a click sound after taking a screen shot. Your screen shot automatically save in your ipad’s photo gallery.
This tips are useful for your new apple ipad.

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