NOKIA LUMIA 900 Review


Nokia is released many smart phones and their next target smart phone is
Nokia Lumia 900.  In this post I am
Describing The next Nokia’s Smart phone – Lumia 900

The Nokia
Lumia 900 for AT&T represents a number of firsts: it is the first high-end
Windows Phone from Nokia to arrive in the U.S., it is the first 4G LTE
smartphone from Nokia, and it is one of the first 4G LTE Windows Phones on the

Like the Lumia 800 that preceded it, the
Lumia 900 features a stunning industrial design, great build quality, and a
fantastic Clear Black AMOLED display. Add in great network performance, solid
battery life, and a fast and fluid user interface thanks to Windows Phone 7.5,
and you start to see that AT&T and Nokia really might have a winner on
their hands.

Unfortunately, its not all peaches and roses
with the Lumia 900, as its seemingly capable camera does not live up to
expectations in real world performance. Additionally, the Windows Phone
Marketplace still doesn’t offer nearly as many apps as its iOS and Android
counterparts, though it has grown tremendously in recent months.

Despite its few shortcomings, I found the
Lumia 900 to be an excellent smartphone, and I had a hard time putting it down
during my review period. Read on to see if the Lumia 900 is the hero device
that Windows Phone has needed from the outset to be a successful smartphone
platform and whether it will represent Nokia’s return to form in the U.S. market

I think you read the Nokia Lumia 900 post and you
learn the new Nokia smart phone Nokia Lumia 900 features.

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  1. Windows Phone is finally receiving much-needed attention thanks to the Nokia Lumia 900, a handset as seductive as anything Cupertino has produced to date.