WORKING Reliance Free 3G Internet Using Proxy Trick – 2017


Hello, friends  Today I got a new trick for Reliance users. By using this trick, you can enjoy free 2g or 3g internet on both PC and mobile with your Reliance sim. This free Reliance 3g internet trick is based on proxy. This Reliance free 3g internet trick is 100% working in all over India. This Reliance free 3g or 2g data trick is working 100% in 2017. The best features of this trick are – works on both PC and mobile, works on both 2g and 3g, getting high speed, works for android, Symbian, java and all other platforms. As I mentioned above this trick works both on computer and mobile.
WORKING Reliance Free 3G Internet Using Proxy Trick – MAY 2015

Trick No.1: 
Steps: Reliance New free internet trick with rcomwap and smartwap apn

1. Activate any small data pack.
2. activate any twitter pack
3.  Use apn: rcomwap or smartwap
4. set proxy as : or or
5.  Set port as : 80
6. Restart your device and Now start enjoying free internet on your reliance sim


Trick No.2
Read – Reliance Free 2G or 3G Internet data Using Proxy Trick – 2017

Requirements for using this free Reliance 3g internet

1.     A Reliance sim card ( if 3g enabled, then you can use 3g internet )
2.     Maintain balance below than 10ps
3.     Use APN –  rcomnet or rcomwap or smartwap
PROXY Address ( Try this first… Updated) or or

Port: 80

For Mobile Users

1.Go to settings in mobile phone
2.Then open Network Connection Setting.
3.Now in the option, click on create new setting/ connection.
4.There you’ll get many input options just do as stated below-
5.Account Name –
Reliance free 3g internet trick by techintor
6.APN – rcomnet or rcomwap or smartwap
7.Proxy address – Type any of the proxy address given above.
8. Port – 80
9.Now leave all the other fields blank
10.Save settings and Make it default
11.Now open your internet browser ( open any browser )
12.Now open any homepage given above
13. Now enjoy free 3g high-speed internet on your Reliance..

For PC (computer) Users

I will recommend you to use Mozilla Firefox for setting up proxy trick.
1. Open Options.
2. Click on the advance tab and then network tab.
3. Click on Manual Connection setting and add the above-given proxy and port.
3. Save the setting.
4.Now open home page given above
5.Enjoy free high-speed 3g internet on your PC with your Reliance.. sim

If you get low internet speed then disable javascript and enjoy high speed

If you have any doubts then comment here. Techintor is happy to help you.
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What I Needed to work above reliance proxy trick?

2. 3G Mobile Net 97 + Facebook Plan of Rs. 16 (In some states Facebook Plan is of Rs. 49)
 How to activate: Rs. 97 – > SMS MN97 to 53739 or dial ussd code *565*097#
 Also Activate Facebook Plan : Rs. 16 – > sms ACT FB to 53739
3. OR Rs. 177 3G Plan | 2GB +Unlimited FB, Twitter, Whatsapp+Jadoo (more suitable)

1. Activation: *777*177#
2. Now it’s up-to you to choose between any above plan. Even if you choose the second one, only Facebook host is working for free internet. So it’s better to choose first one as it’s cheaper.
3. after activating the above plan, do the trick and enjoy unlimited 3g on your reliance.
4. maintain minimum balance of RS 1



1. Goto settings>>network settings>> create new apn [ enter details as below]
 Name – Techintor reliance trick
Proxy –
Port – 82

2. save settings, and set this apn as default apn.
3. reboot your device,. now enjoy unlimited free internet on your reliance sim

NOTE- Maintain balance below 30 paisa

This trick is currently not working. please stay tuned with our website. we will update with new working reliance free internet tricks soon.

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  1. apn rcomwap and smartwap are not connecting … simple rcomnet connetcs … but rcomnet can't be used with proxy that's why this trick is failing … hoping to reconnect with wap APN soon

  2. right from todayy means 4th of june in jharkhand smartwap is not connecting and in night it get connected but data is deducting from main data balance and also sites are not opening..

  3. actually smartwap is not connecting in jharkhand from 4th june.if anyone has some solution for this or some any other proxy then plz plz share with us.its a request.

  4. i think reliance is closed smartwap APN setting in 2,3 june… thats reason internet not connecting in smartwap setting….only smartnet apn is working…i hope anyone solve this problem…and provide new fastest apn….

  5. Start working again in jharkhand with good speed from previous one. Its nearly 300 kb/s
    I have downloaded almost 4 gb yet from tody 12 pm feeling great again and thank u reliance

  6. Thread author … Tell me if this trick is working again or not …. This used to be the best trick … Tell me what to do now :/

    • Many people telling that it is not working. But some people telling that it is working with rcomwap. will confirm this as soon as possible.

  7. Hi frnd i am using this trick from 18days and this trick is working in Himachal Pradesh.
    Till now i have used 21gb.

    Hahahahaa haaaa
    Thank you techintor……

  8. This trick is not working from 4th june in madhya pradesh, but with rcomwap only whatsapp is working.. Author pls tell me why only whatsapp is working and nothing other app..

  9. . This proxy address was a trick by the relaince company . This was just to attract more and customers to relaince .
    By am a hacker my self I try and experiment with anything and recently I found the way to download stuffs absolutly free. I till now I have downloaded about 12 GB within a week, But I wont share it here becoz it will go viral and chances are there that it may be blocked. Thank You

  10. hey bro trick is working for me in data deduction on downloading but deduction on surfing. also downloading speed is slow.i tried all the proxy but the problem is same. please help.

  11. sir, you say Now open any homepage given above….which home page…..relpy plz… it wark in playstore………..

  12. Hello , I m new user from Kolkata , I m confused , that there are 4 types of proxy (As – HTTP , SSL, FTP, SOCKS) in firefox trick . Which type of proxy I'll use ? Then SOCKS 4, SOCKS 5 , DNS options show , Which option I'll select . Pls help

  13. i think rcomwap tricks wont work no more :/ .when we connecting using rcomwap it was connecting to this dns servers


    but now when connecting using rcomwap it is using the same dns server as we connecting through rcomnet so no diffrence between rcomnet and rcomwap now .from yesterday in kerala the facebook tricks not working 🙂

  14. Its not working on my postpaid number with 350 plan 1gb 3g then unlimited …it worked for past 3 months and i'm in delhi , please TECHINTOR i would really appreciate if you provide a new proxy trick for november 2015 … THANK YOU FOR HELPING US …AND FOR DOING A EXCELLENT JOB !!

  15. Not working in mumbai after 28 oct

    HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request
    Content-Type: text/plain
    Server: proxygen
    Date: Sun, 01 Nov 2015 01:54:54 GMT
    Connection: close
    Content-Length: 0

    While proxying

  16. Got new proxy …..
    APN – rcomnet

    Thanks to vikas…..
    Try this guys….. Enjoy free internet with reliance

  17. Hello, I have ₹350 plan and currently 3g quota has finished, so using on 2g. But i have noticed one thing that , files from are downloaded at 3g speed. So i request to make something out of this, as above proxies are not working in delhi.
    Thank you.

  18. hey admin everything working just fine in Assam but rcomnet results data deduction.. Smartwap and Rcomwap is gud but very slow speed 🙁

  19. Hey in delhi it is giving very low speed
    i have 197 fb+wa+twi plan,i get upto 400kbps speed only on some websites any solutions?

  20. From 12 Jan reliance has blocked this host (Mumbai) ,,nd many others are not working . Could you provide us with a new trick

  21. Blocked in delhi i think i have 3 sim all of then are not working anybuudy knw or tell me /conrm me that is block or working ??

  22. Trick no. 2 does not work. I tried it just shows H+ for a second after equal intervals. Unable to access internet.

    and what's the step 12—–which homepage that refers to…?

  23. 2nd trick is working but only youtube and google home page is opening and nothing open after that.So, please guys find some way to use unlimited internet in reliance sim..

  24. I'm from Bihar and Reliance stop it's fb/tw pack so these tricks are not working anymore please provide us new trick

  25. Sreenath bro these proxies stopped working in rajasthan since 8 dec….plz give us new proxies..or any one from rajasthan who is using this trick plz tell me…thanks..

  26. Guys, currently this proxies are not working… But don't worry,it will start working soon.. Or update with new.

    I think you knew that, reliance proxy trick get blocked before and started working again….

    So wait

  27. This is working for two months.but this is not working.please update the proxy.I use rcomwap and

  28. Trai ne fb ,WhatsApp or twitter pack ko band kar diya he..Au friends ham sab trai govt. Ka official site par complain kara ki fir sha ya jaldi sab social pack ko shuru kare ..

  29. I used nearabout 1-2 years ago the reliance fb, whap, twtr tricks fully, but now unable, there were not such fb, twtr or whap pack or any others proxy with port 80 or 8080, Please send any free internet tricks with proxy tricks, reliance first choice, my email : [email protected], Thanks, Have a nice day.