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JioPhone: Jio 4G VoLTE Phone Costs Rs 0 Launched

JioPhone: Jio 4G VoLTE Phone Costs Rs 0 Launched Bye for all rumors regarding Jio's cheapest 4g phone. Finally today Jio announced their cheapest 4g phone, costs Rs.0. Yeah it's free. The JioPhone is "effectively free," announced Mukesh Ambani.  Jio launched the Free 4G phone in India. Here is the words from Jio:  Reliance Jio Has Launched Its Cheapest 4G Phone In Just Rs.0 With Rs.1500 Security Deposit In Annual General Meeting Of Reliance Industries Limited. What reliance mean by JioPhone is 'effectively free' Today Mukesh Ambani at Reliance AGM announced their JioPhone is effectively Free. Yeah sure, everybody confused about this statement. Here what Reliance Jio do, they charge RS 1500 as the refundable sum from customers while buying Jiophone. AFter 36 months of purchase, this sum will be refunded to users back. That is the Rs 1500 security deposit will be totally refunded to customers after 3 years. {Hot news} Pre-Order JioPhone Now: Click Here: How to B