Working Strategies to Promote Your Facebook Page to Huge Success – Optimize Facebook Ads


Working Strategies to Promote Your Facebook Page to Huge Success – Boost your facebook posts using facebook ads effectively

Hi Techintor fans, Today we are here sharing some cool strategies to promote your Facebook page to huge success. If you are running a business or other online things, of course, you have one Facebook page. But if you are not using it in the right way, there is no use with it. Yeah, Today we are going to discuss on the same point ‘how to optimize your Facebook page efficiently‘. that is how to get more reach for your facebook page and posts. This article also includes ‘ how to optimize facebook ads for better results‘. That is we are covering the tips and tricks to boost your facebook posts with facebook ads at very less cost. Means, more reach and engagement on facebook ads at very less cost.

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What are the benefits of optimizing your Facebook page? Why promote your Facebook page?

As I said earlier, a Facebook page without correct optimization there is no use. But if you have an active Facebook page with a good number of fans then it can do so many amazing things. You can get more business, more opportunities more over good publicity in Social Media.

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Okay, now lets move on the main part of the article tips and tricks to promote your Facebook page effectively

1.Don’t let your Facebook page inactive

The page should be active every time. You should post regularly. Don’t post only your business things always, do share interesting things related to your topic. This will increase your page reach.

Posting some live videos will 10X your posts reach. This way you can gain some more fans to your facebook page. Doing some live Facebook video poles with Facebook live is a good idea. You can refer this article to start live Facebook video polls. Nowadays most of the popular facebook pages are doing the same idea to get more facebook fans.

If your business is targeted for a local area or a single state, then publish posts in their local language. You can use Facebook multi-language feature also for this.

If you are running a website Facebook page then doing some question and answer posts like ASK ME ANYTHING posts will be a good idea. That is users directly comment their question, queries or anything on that post and you need to give answers there. This way you will get more and more comments and leads to good reach.

Use hashtags properly. Add related hashtags on your posts. You can get the popular hashtag related to your topics by simply searching on Facebook with starting ‘#.’ Refer below picture for more clarification. Using hashtags can lead to huge reach in posts. If some topics related to your business then try to publish a useful or informative post regarding that with appropriate hashtag.


2.Always Interact with your users

You should keep a good relationship with your Facebook fans. More than business try to maintain a personal relationship. This helps to increase their trust in you and thereby increase your page genuinely.
You should reply all comments and messages that you were receiving on your Facebook page. Don’t delete comments even if it is a negative one. You should reply to all comments genuinely. Even negative comments help you to increase your Facebook page reach.

As I said in the 1st section that is doing campaigns like Facebook question and answer posts makes your Facebook page more user-friendly. This is all we want.

3. Use Facebook ads efficiently to gain more fans and huge reach in less cost

I think all of you already familiar with Facebook ads. You can boost your Facebook page or page posts using Facebook ads feature. But boosting posts or pages without proper settings don’t make any use. You need to optimize Facebook ads settings before boosting. In this section, we are sharing some tips for boosting your Facebook page/posts using Facebook ads effectively. That means more reach at less cost. Thus finally more fans with less cost.

Create custom audience according to your business. Don’t select broad things. You should select preferred age group, language, location, and interests. This will lead to targeted visitors to your post and a huge reach at less cost.



Let me give you an example of how I select audience settings for promoting my website page posts.
>> Gender: I choose male only in gender section. This is because I already experimented both male&female and male only in different campaigns. For the male only campaign, i get more reach and less bid rate for ads. You need to experiment it yourself for your business page.
>> Age: In my case i select, 13 – 30. Since my website is related to tech niche and all things I publish on my Facebook page is linked to tech tricks and tutorials. Teenagers are more keen to learn these tech things, and that’s why I select this age group. I tried other age groups also. But I felt that the post engagement and bid rate is very less for this age group.
>> Location: I mostly select some states in India. The strategy I apply in location is respect to language. for example, I publish a post in the Hindi Language on my Facebook page and select states where the local language is Hindi while boosting. This way I am getting superb reach at very less bid.
>> Interests: This totally depends on your business type.
>> Time of running your ad. Yeah, the bid rate depends even on time. In my case [my website facebook page], I felt that the bid rate is very less at morning and night [after 8 PM]. you need to do experiments to find the less bid rate time of your business category.

Always experiment with different settings. Select one or two days in ad duration and set a minimum budget while experimenting. Thus run trial ads and note the bid rate, avg reach and user engagement for each set of settings. Thus finally make one perfect ad campaign. also, make your ad look good. a simple ad layout with interesting ideas works well. more than the reach we need post engagement. Don’t forget to check how your ad looks in mobile view. This is very important since 70% facebook users are from the mobile platform. I always suggest you, to do the experimenting. Since all these differ for different categories.
I am pretty sure that facebook ads can make huge fans for your page and finally more business opportunities.

This is all about strategies to promote your facebook page effectively and optimizing facebook ads. I hope this will be helpful while managing your business page.If you like this article then Please do share this article and support us. Thanks for reading:) .

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