Incredible Tips and Tricks of Economizing Your 3G Traffic


Are you on a limited traffic plan, and you still feel like you’re overspending on traffic? I bet you are looking for tips on how to use fewer data compared to your current usage. If so I believe this post is for you. Below we will look at what uses the most traffic on your devices as well as give you amazing saving tips and tricks to put your mind at ease.
1. Leverage Wi-Fi Zones

If you’re in a place that has access to Wi-Fi, for instance at home, school, café, or in the office, make sure you connect to it. Once connected, it automatically disables cellular data usage and therefore economizes your 3G traffic. Be cautious about security concerns. You’re advised to avoid public networks and only connect to Wi-Fi networks you trust to protect yourself against cyber threats.

Incredible Tips and Tricks of Economizing Your 3G Traffic

2. Leverage Data Monitor 
The built-in data monitor integrated into all Android devices is readily accessible through the settings tab then data usage. IOS provides a similar feature under settings then cellular usage tab. This feature allows you to track your traffic usage and tell which apps on your phone consume the most traffic. It also lets you evaluate yourself. Could be obsessive Snap Chatting or YouTube streaming.

3. Disable Push Content
Push Content is automatically downloaded or uploaded to your phone without user interaction. For Android devices, you can change the sync settings for accounts such as Google, Facebook-WhatsApp, etc. by going to Settings and selecting the Accounts and Sync tab. For IOS devices, go the Settings tab then Notifications. To turn off data for specially integrated feature visit the Settings tab the General then tap on Cellular.

4. Minimize Video Streaming
Video streaming especially HD videos were notoriously identified to use the most traffic. If you have to stream, it is advisable to stream standard definition videos which consume a fraction of HD videos. For instance, streaming an HD movie is more expensive than buying the same movie at a store due to the high coverage charges once your traffic limit exceeds.

Incredible Tips and Tricks of Economizing Your 3G Traffic

5. Turn Off Mobile/Cellular Data
When engaging in activities such as sleeping, attending a meeting, sports activities, driving, etc. make a habit of turning off cellular data. This technique greatly helps reduce the level of syncing and background uploading and downloading of files and information. Android have made this feature readily accessible by adding a shortcut button on the notification panel. Like you don’t have to do unnecessary work if paper writing service is helping you out with your essay, in the same way you don’t need to additionally overuse the unnecessary processes.

6. Use 2G/EDGE
3G and 4G provide fast speeds for downloading and streaming. Faster speeds, however, mean a quicker use of your data bundles. Using 2G/EDGE may be unbearable sometimes, but it has its upsides. In this case, it limits your ability to stream or download videos and therefore you’ll be less likely to do so. An extra bonus is that it helps conserve battery for your device.

These tricks should suffice in helping you economize on your data. Unfortunately, most of them partially stifle the full capabilities of your smartphone. We hope it’s an opportunity cost you’re willing to take. Enjoy your browsing experience.

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