Top Free IPhone Games


Top Free IPhone Games
Here is some interesting IPhones games, 

1.      Extreme Road Trip
Extreme road trip is the number one game in app store. And it is very interesting game. The game rule is – get the farthest possible distance using the limited amount of gas. Perform stunt and get nitro boost, it is helps to get turn farther. Download Extreme road trip and enjoy.
2.       Hit The apple
This game is also a educational game. Use brain to play this game well. Humor and basic physics skills are the game combines. The game rule is – shoot bow where you have to hit the apple with a bow and arrow.
3.       Tap Town 2
This is the popular city building game in app store. And it is very interesting game. You can put over 70 buildings in your town. Also you can manage 20 jobs in factories. You can also add people to be your neighbors and expand as you level up.
4.        Tap Pet Shop
If you love animals, then this is a suitable game for you. This game allow you to build a pet store with your favorite animals. Also you can customize your store with staff, decorations, and pets. Enjoy this game.
5.        Play It Your Self
This game help you for learn basic piano skills. You can play this game by reading instructions shown in the app. You only play with one hand and other hand will automatically play by app.
6.        Zombie Restaurant
The game rule is – Protecting your city from zombies. Protect your city from being attacked by hungry zombies through cooking 60 delicious zombie recipes.
7.      Mr Giggle 2 Lite
Mr. Giggle 2 Lite is a free version of the game of the same name. It is like tetris. All you need to do is to match the blocks into at least 3 similar colors to advance to each level. All you need to do is to move a column or a row to make the shape into a similar color.
All this iphone games is various type and interesting games, try it your self, enjoy all games

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  1. IPhone games is one of the best features of iphone. These games keep you busy and occupied when you have a few minutes to spare. Many iPhone games come with hidden items and levels that allow you to extend your game play, earn extra points and even defeat harder levels. Thanks a lot.

  2. Find a way Jose is just another fantastic game for iPhone/iPad.I liked all the things about the game specially the Mexican aura!