Working Vodafone Free Unlimited 3G Internet Data VPN Trick – 2017


Working Vodafone Free Unlimited 3G Internet Data Trick Using VPN [ working configs added] – September 2017

Hello friends, i am back with a new Vodafone free 3g internet trick. I hope that our previous bb trick for Vodafone free 3g internet is also working well now. Here now I am describing an another Vodafone Free Unlimited 3G Internet Trick in September and hope that work on 2017 also. This trick is based on vpn.
I know that without internet data your mobile/pc is nothing. Now the internet has a very important role in our daily life. but in India the internet data packs are very costly and it is not possible to recharge daily with internet offers. When comes to vodafone side, we know that they are one of the largest network operator in India. But vodafone not provides much affordable internet data plans for budget users. But guys here provides you some tricks to get free internet on your vodafone sim. Yeah, Means you don’t need to activate any data packs, you can enjoy free internet on your vodafone sim with following this trick. This trick is based on VPN so that you can use this free internet trick of vodafone in both mobile and pc.
I am not describing much. let’s go to latest Vodafone Free Unlimited 3G Internet trick using vpn trick – 2017

Read – How to activate free 3g internet  on Vodafone using VPN trick

LATEST NEWS [Update]: This trick stopped working in almsoat all states. anyway we will update here with new tricks soon. If you airtel customer then try this working free internet trick for airtel


This trick is not working in many states
Before going to the ‘Vodafone free 3g VPN trick’ have a look at this 
This trick is working based on VPN ( virtual Private Network). This trick works on both PC and Android Mobiles.

For using free Vodafone 3g by vpn trick you need the following requirements:
·         Vodafone 3g enabled Sim
·         Keep Balance below 10paise ( If you have more than 10 paise balance , sometimes Vodafone deduct your balance. So keep balance below 10 paise)
·         Set APN – www

Steps – How to activate free 3g internet  on vodafone using VPN trick

For Android Mobile users

1.    Download OpenVPN from Play store
2.    Download Config files from here [CONFIG 1 – MOST UPDATED][config 2, OLD]
3.    Install OpenVPN on your Phone
4.    Now extract the config files downloaded from here and open it  from openVPN app
5.    Connect and Enjoy free vodafone 3g internet in highspeed on your android phone

NOTE – Use OpenVPN instead of droid vpn. Download OpenVPN from playstore

For PC Users

1.    Download NMD VPN (
2.    Download Config files from here[CONFIG 1 – MOST UPDATED][config 2, OLD]
3.    Install NMD VPN on your computer
4.    Now Move the config files download from here to config folder of NMD VPN installed directory ( C:/progrmmae files/nmd vpn/config/your downloaded files)
5.    Connect Your vodafone sim to PC with any device ( Connect with using net setter ,Dongle , Mobile phone or any devices)
6.    Now connect internet via that device
7.    After that Open NMD VPN  ( for windows 7 and 8 users , open nmd vpn by run as administrator)
8.    Now connect with any vpn downloaded from here. You are done. Now enjoy free vodafone 3g on your PC with high speed.
  For security , the vpn password will change regularly. You can see the latest password from here (click here).
 If the above config not working, then just change the password with the latest password


How to change the password?
On the extracted files [ at the place of downloaded vpn config files], You can see a text file [ mostly it names techintor.txt] Edit that text file. erase old password and add latest there.

    I hope that you got the trick. If this article – Vodafone Free Unlimited 3G Internet vpn trick – 2017 helped you, then please share it.
Any doubts while activating free 3g internet trick, then comment it
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  1. when i connected to droid vpn .. it continued to deduct my mobile data and at last my data plan was over..if it uses mobile data then what is vpn.

    • my data plan also over using this trick. Explain it clearly. How to open the extracted files using droidvpn. No use of this if you can't help others. No reply too. And you guys removed a comment. What kind of trick is this? Nobody understands the method.

    • sorry for the misunderstanding….
      actually, u need to use openVPN to use VPN tricks in android mobile. You can import vpn configs to openVPN. download openvpn from android playstore.
      also, this trick is not working in some states… give a try once..

  2. Brother…

    Is there any Trick Of Vodofone, BSNl Which Works Really on Kerala.. Any Trick ???

    If you have any Please Post it.. I cant Find any working tricks in Kerala.. of Vodofone, BSNL…

  3. Profile import failed: techintor.txt: cannot follow file reference
    That's what I got on OpenVPN Android, on loading the config.