Jio GigaTV: How to Buy Jio Giga TV Set Top Box, Price, Features, and How to Install

Jio Giga TV: How to Buy Jio Giga TV Set Top Box, Price, Features, and How to Install

Jio GigaTV  Everything You need to know - Jio Giga TV How To Purchase, Features, Available Date, How To Install, Price

Hi Readers, You are at: How to buy Jio Giga TV, Features of Jio Giga TV, How to Install Jio Giga TV, Price of Jio GigaTV
Hope everyone enjoying latest tricks and tech articles. Today at Reliance AGM, Jio Officials launched their new products.

Following are the latest products from Reliance Jio: JIO Giga TV Set-top box, Jio Fiber, Jio Phone 2, Jio Giga Router, and Jio Virtual Reality Headset.
Yeah, lots of products. Here is a great word from Jio Official Isha Ambani: 'Gone are the days of Mbps, Now it will be about Gbps'. I love the words, that's why noted here. Anyway, that is not our topic. We have to all about Jio Giga Tv in this article and let's start that.

Jio Giga TV - Features and Specs of Jio GigaTV Set Top Box

  • The Jio GigaTV set-top box includes all features from Jio like JIO music, Jio Movies, Jio Songs, Jio Cinema, Jio TV call etc

  • 4K quality

  • voice command feature in Jio Giga Tv remote. You can control your TV by voice commands

  • Jio GigaTV calling Feature – you can Video Call Through Your TV With Jio GigaTV Powered By Jio Fiber. you can call every other TV connected through Jio Gigafibre. This feature is powered by JioFiber.

  • You can call to any other smartphone with Jio services.

  • More features and specs of Jio Giga Tv will be updated here

  • Jio GigaTV

Buy Jio Giga TV set-top box: How to Purchase jio giga tv now

I know, you guys are looking for this section. Yeah, When comes to Jio products their availability have some issues. When the launch of Jio sim, Jio Phone we faced the same issue. But now they good network in India and hope they speed up the process.

  1. You can buy Jio Giga TV from Jio outlets

  2. As like buying Jio SIM, to buy Jio Giga TV you have to provide your ID card.

  3. You can book a Jio GigaTV set-top box from online stores also.
    Hope they will sell Jio Giga Tv through MyJio, and other online stores.

  4. The above details are not officially confirmed. We will update these details once it gets officially confirmed.

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Jio GigaTV Price: How much it cost For Jio Giga TV

The price of Jio Giga TV is unknown. they didn't give any idea about the actual price of Jio GigaTV price.

  • The expected price of Jio Giga Tv is Rs 3000- Rs 5000

  • Since Jio is good at providing offers and cheap products, we can hope a good affordable price from Jio

  • Buy Jio Giga TV

  • you can check jio official press release page for more official updates on jio giga tv

How to Install Jio GigaTV: Installation Guide for Jio Giga TV

The Jio GigaTV set-top box can be connected with any TV. It is like all other set-top box installing and there is nothing special.

Step 1 –
You have to choose a suitable mounting location for the mast.

Step 2 –
Now Plug the RG-6 coaxial cable into the “Cable” port on the front of the main dish assembly’s base, then plug the other end of the cable into the “Antenna” port in the back of the Jio GigaTV Set Top Box.

Final words about Jio Giga TV Set-top box : Buy Jio Giga TV

How to buy Jio Giga TV, Features of Jio Giga TV, How to Install Jio Giga TV, Price of Jio GigaTV

That's all about the Jio GigaTV set-top box now. all the above information I provided is based on the AGM conducted by Jio on July 5, 2018. Some details are not confirmed by Jio. And we can hope that Jio will provide more clarification about Jio GigaTV set-top box soon.


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