5 Useful tips to Save Money while Shopping online

With the growing popularity of online shopping everybody wants to shop online and save some money simultaneously, saving money while shopping online is very easy. With proper tricks and tips you can save a lot of money every time you shop online, so how can you save money when shopping online?  Below I will share some tips which can save your money while shopping online.
5 Useful tips to Save Money while Shopping online

1. Comparing:
You can save a lot of money if you compare the products you want to buy from different online retailers and can always find a cheaper deal when you compare, There are few site which helps you compare different products from various online store and helps you to find the store which is selling that particular products at a cheaper price compared to other store thus comparing products before shopping can save some money.
2. Use Coupons:
Almost every online retailer in India accepts coupons on their sites, which you can use and save certain percentage of Money from your final cart value; all you have to do is simply apply coupons during the final checkout. You can find all the latest coupons at Coupon Connexion and use it on retailers sites and save money, one can easily save upto 30% from the total shopping bill just by using coupons  so keep in mind and make sure you  use Coupons every time before you shop online .
3. Join Social Network:
Majority of online sites have a strong social presence and often share Excusive deals on their Social networking pages, Join the social networking pages of your favorite shopping website and keep a watch on their offers. Also they come up with contest every now and then where you can win various prices by just participating in it and can get excusive offers.
4. Free shipping: 
Always shop from sites which provide free shipping, never pay for shipping while shopping online, nowadays majority of sites provide free shipping but there are sites which still charge customers for shipping product avoid these sites as you can never save money from these sites.
5. Bargain:
Yes you heard it right, Now you can bargain on online shopping too, sites like Paytm has bargain option where user can directly contact sellers and bargain on a particular product and can save on the regular selling price, So thus you can now show off some bargaining skills, thus one can get to bargain on online shopping and save some money.
Bonus tips:
1.      Every retailer provides additional discounts during festival season, so you if are in no hurry you can save huge amount of money if you shop during this festival period.
2.      Bank offers: some sites give certain percentage of discount when you pay online using particular bank’s credit/debit card.
3.      Shop from sites which provide Zero percent EMI option.

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  1. I enjoyed the tips, thanks. Moreover, I use a lot of them :) I just ordered a few items for my husband online ( here https://www.gotapparel.com/c-25-crewneck.aspx ), after comparing similar lots from different shops.

  2. Thanks for the helpful tips